Chairman’s Reserve ‘Sprint to the Finish’ Cocktail Competition Announced

Chairman's Sprint Header July 2014

St Lucia Distillers, as a member of a Commonwealth Country, has organised a cocktail competition with a difference in Scotland.  In conjunction with their UK distributors, Emporia Brands Ltd, they have invited a number of leading bartenders from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen to take part, competing for a chance to go to the 100m finals session at Hampden Park on Monday 28th July.

The bartenders have been asked to come up with an original Chairman’s Reserve cocktail, using any of the four expressions available, which have all been posted on the Chairman’s Reserve UK Facebook site:

The challenge is for these bartenders to market their drinks through their bars and social networks for a one week & ‘Sprint to the Finish’.  The cocktail creation that has manages to attract the largest number of likes at the end of a week, on Thursday 24th July, will be the winner and we will accompanied to the Blue Ribbon event (men’s 100m finals) by the Chairman of Emporia Brands, James Rackham to enjoy prime seats for the event in a corporate box at Hampden Park.

The runners and bartenders in this race to the Games include; –

  • Danny Whelan – Kelvingrove Cafe (Glasgow)
  • Alex – Amicus Apple (Aberdeen)
  • Mike McGinty – Treacle (Edinburgh)
  • Matthew Ronald – Blue Dog (Glasgow)
  • Jon Hughes – Bramble Bar (Edinburgh)
  • Adrian Gomes – The Tippling House (Aberdeen)
  • James Grant – Bond 9 (Edinburgh)
  • Lewis Thomson – Clouds & Soil (Edinburgh)
  • Rosie Paterson – The Voodoo Rooms (Edinburgh)

The only requirement regarding the drinks they have been asked to make, is that the base spirit must be one of the four Chairman’s Reserve expressions (Chairman’s Reserve Finest, Chairman’s Reserve White Label, Chairman’s Reserve Spiced or Chairman’s Reserve ‘Forgotten Casks’).  The nature and style of their creations was left entirely to the participants and as a part of their marketing exercise, to decide whether to appeal to bartenders, consumers, St. Lucians or lovers of the Commonwealth Games.


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