It’s Negroni Week!

It’s Negroni Week this week, so here’s some inspirational ideas for you to enjoy in style! Negroni
Bar Termini: Superiore, Rosato & Classico by Tony Conigliaro
Rosato Negroni: Rose Petal Infusion
Superiore Negroni: Pink Peppercorn Infusion
The latest bar from internationally renowned drinks pioneer Tony Conigliaro has an impressive list of house Negronis, including the rose infused Rosato with a hint of floral sweetness, and the pink peppercorn infused Superiore which has an added bitterness and spice. Designed to tide you from day to evening like a true Italian whilst whetting your appetite for dinner, Bar Termini’s Negronis come pre-bottled and are served neat in a chilled glass to prevent dilution as you drink.
Bar Termini, 7 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 5JE
New World Negroni
_MG_3719Balthazar: Rogroni by Regal Rogue
37.5ml Regal Rogue Rosso
12.5ml Aperol
25ml Gin
Stirred over ice in a tumbler with a large orange wedge
Fearlessly handcrafted and blended, Regal Rogue is a testament to artisanal vermouth production, marrying the quality of new world wines with complimentary native herbs and spices from Australia’s outback. Regal Rogue Rosso is fashioned with native wattleseed and pepperberry, thyme and a hint of orange are made even merrier with the flavours of cocoa nibs, cinnamon, ginger and cloves before marrying a fine Australian Semillon with a hint of Shiraz. Perfect on its own over ice or enjoyed in this variation of a Negroni available at Balthazar, a fresher, lighter update to the traditionally bitter Negroni.
Balthazar, 4-6 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5HZ
Regal Rogue is available to buy from Selfridges 
MARMALADE NO 2Middle Eastern Negroni
Nightjar: Marmalade No 2 by Marian Beke
40ml Tanquery 10 infused with Turkish Apple
3 spoons homemade Aperativo Marmalade (champagne,cinzano orancio, Moroccan orange tea, sugar and pectin)
30ml Aperol
15ml Sugar
1 Clementine (juiced)
A Moroccan and Turkish twist on a negroni, this drink is short, bitter sweet, bold and the perfect aperitvo. Served on the rocks with a jam cloth and fruit jelly.
129 City Road, London, EC1V 1JB
Artistic Negroni
sketch: Negroni Ruskie

Negroni Ruski20ml Gin

20ml Rosso Vermouth

20ml Campari

Mayfair institution sketch keeps things classic when it comes to its Negroni serve, but for an artistic twist sit back, relax and enjoy it in the David Shrigley designed Gallery.

sketch, 9 Conduit Street, W1S 2XG

Big Shot Negroni

3,000,000Yenaqua kyoto: 3,000,000¥ by Luca Missaglia

Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Homemade Artichoke Liqueur
For those who take their bar propping and cocktail ordering seriously Luca Missaglia, the new Bar Manager at aqua kyoto, has created a luxurious and contemporary twist on the classic negroni that packs a serious punch. Full-bodied and decadent, this serve is a combination of Campari, Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Home Made Artichoke Liqueur and Absinthe. Separating the men from the boys, this cocktail is for those who can hold their own. Rockstar’s Negroni
Black Dice: Rhubarb and Ginger Negroni
40ml Botanist gin
20ml Martini Rosso
20ml Campari
5ml Rhubarb/ginger Jam
Devised by drinks masterminds Joe Stokoe and Liam Cotter of consultancy Heads, Hearts & Tails, this is a warming and spicy twist on the classic from new rock ‘n’ roll-inspired Mayfair bar Black Dice. Sip on the exotic serve, garnished with orange peel and punchy ginger candy, as you channel your inner rock star in the lavish surroundings of the bar.
Black Dice, 45 Heddon Street, W1B 4BH
Mezcal Maverick Negroni
One to try at home, by Alex Kratena, Artesian
If you’re planning on rustling up a Negroni at home take a lead from Alex Kratena, head bartender at Artesian which has been voted best bar in the world for three years in a row: “Lots of our guests tend to order recipes with mezcal in these days, many asking for variations on the classic Negroni which include it. For a twist try the below, our take on the Rosita.”
40ml Mezcal
20ml Campari
15ml Sweet vermouth
15ml Dry vermouth
1dash grapefruit bitters
Stir with ice, pour over ice ball and perfume with grapefruit peel, serve with small beer on the side.

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