7 Greek Street Social

Greek Street Social

Leeds has a new speakeasy. A secret bar, open only at weekends, in the heart of the city. Intrigued?

I was. And so I travelled over to a show-off evening full of cocktail delights, canapés and a sense of wonder for the ideas they have in mind.

Boothed seating, bright neon sign and a bar stocked with premium offerings, this underground venue could soon be seen as a haven away from the hustle of Leeds, with drinks created by some of the drinks trades legendary bartenders. How about the concoction we were served on arrival; the Yorkshire Punch which has within Absolut vodka, Passoa, mango, pineapple, orange, lime, vanilla and ginger? Or maybe a Jalisco Old Fashioned for that ‘hard day at work’ drink that sees Olmeca tequila combined with Campari, sweet vermouth and Peychaud’s bitters, complete with a salted rim on the glass.

Greek Street SocialThere does seem to be a cocktail for everyone, with the Salt and Caramel Old Fashioned a pick, with Jack Daniel’s, caramel, Angostura Bitters, salt and sugar coming together. Or maybe one from the ‘Sinners 7’ part of the menu, which has the likes of Sinner’s Sour, bringing together Knob Creek whiskey, Rhum Orange from Santa Teresa, orange juice, lime and lemon, complete with a pineapple leaf.

Of course it’s not just cocktails served here, but a chilled selection of beers ranging from Estrella to Heineken to Old Engine Oil, all surrounded by a well-stocked back bar. But how would you get to such a venue? Perhaps look into the odd phone box down Leeds’ back-streets.

Just saying.

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