Ale and Lager Tasting Notes

Over the past few weeks I’ve accumulated a wide range of ales and lagers, and thought the best way possible to feature them would be to have them within one review. So below, I give to you my tasting notes – Asahi – 5% Developed in 1987 in Japan, it has a minimum four week maturationContinue reading “Ale and Lager Tasting Notes”

Robinsons ‘Trooper’ Review

The launch of a product can sometimes have little or no fan fare, but one that can break landmarks is a launch worth talking about. A collaboration between Robinsons Brewery and Iron Maiden has done just that, creating an unheard of demand of 300,000 pints pre-ordered. So much so that for the first time inContinue reading “Robinsons ‘Trooper’ Review”

Simon Rimmer’s ‘A Beer To Go With . . .’ Range Tasting Notes

  Recently I’ve featured one of Stockport’s little treasures in Robinson’s Brewery, and in the past few weeks, they’ve released information on two new collaborations – Iron Maiden’s ‘Trooper‘ and local celebrity chef Simon Rimmer’s ‘A Beer To Go With . . .’ range. As a huge fan of Iron Maiden, I’ve been rather looking forward to gettingContinue reading “Simon Rimmer’s ‘A Beer To Go With . . .’ Range Tasting Notes”

Robinsons Brewery

I’m a huge fan of supporting local businesses when it comes to the bar scene, whether its fresh fruits, farm-house preserves or interior decorators. But one aspect I always try to achieve is to collaborate with a local brewer. Being located in the North West, I’m fortunate enough to have many a name on myContinue reading “Robinsons Brewery”

“Trooper” – A New Cask And Bottled Ale From Iron Maiden And Robinson’s Brewery

        Robinson’s are delighted to announce that they have teamed up with British rock legends Iron Maiden to launch an exclusive new beer called “Trooper”. This collaboration is an ideal match; Bruce Dickinson, Maiden’s lead vocalist, loves his real ale, and Robinson’s are one of Britain’s most established and respected independent family-owned brewersContinue reading ““Trooper” – A New Cask And Bottled Ale From Iron Maiden And Robinson’s Brewery”

A ‘Bald’ New Concept From Simon Rimmer

Much has been written about matching food with wine. But what about our national tipple, beer? Despite the growing trend to match beer with food, you’d be hard pushed to find a beer which has actually been brewed to go expressly with food… until now! Highly acclaimed celebrity chef and restaurateur Simon Rimmer has teamedContinue reading “A ‘Bald’ New Concept From Simon Rimmer”

24 Bar & Grill Food and Ale Evening

This past Monday, the always impressive 24 Bar & Grill in Manchester hosted a craft ale and food matching evening with yours truly invited along to sample the home-made delights. Hosted by bar maestro Allan, he would be taking us on a tour of two breweries – Goose Island and Brewdog, with accompanying food to match twoContinue reading “24 Bar & Grill Food and Ale Evening”

Robinson’s Pub on the Hub

Look what’s coming to this years Manchester Food & Drink Festival! – Stockport based brewery, Robinsons, has 360 pubs situated within the stunning settings of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Cumbria and Wales, but between the 27th September and the 4th October, Manchester Food and Drink Festival will play host to its 361st – The Pub on theContinue reading “Robinson’s Pub on the Hub”

Innis & Gunn

‘Born by accident’ – a phrase with a rather distinct meaning behind it. But what if you could turn around that meaning and have it shone in a positive light, say, for example, the story of Innis & Gunn? I give this independent Edinburgh brewer as an example because it literally was ‘born by accident’. Back in 2002, anContinue reading “Innis & Gunn”

Prospect Brewery

Prospect Brewery is a classic example of how to realise your dreams, and in a tough environment which could have gone either way. Patsy Slevin began her dream during her days in the child care industry way back in 2007 and caught the bug of being a brewer after volunteering at Bolton based Bank TopContinue reading “Prospect Brewery”