Auchentoshan Tasting Notes

Auchentoshan is unique within the Scottish whisky world for one reason, it is triple distilled. That may not mean a lot to you, but with every other Scottish whisky only twice distilled, and triple distillation found more commonly within the Irish whisky production, it puts Auchentoshan under its own sub-category. It’s probably why then whyContinue reading “Auchentoshan Tasting Notes”

Auchentoshan Launches Virgin Oak

August 2013: Auchentoshan, Scotland’s only triple distilled Single Malt Scotch Whisky, is launching an exclusive limited edition – Auchentoshan Virgin Oak. This complex, non-chill filtered dram is Auchentoshan’s first ever single malt to be solely matured in virgin North American oak casks, wood that is previously untouched by any spirit. Intuition and industry knowledge ledContinue reading “Auchentoshan Launches Virgin Oak”