Death’s Door Tasting Notes

Washington Island, Wisconsin isn’t the first place you would think of when it comes to naming a birth place of a gin brand. To be fair, compared to the likes of Britain and Holland, the US lacks the productivity and numbers of every mothers favourite tipple. But the trend is changing, and America is onceContinue reading “Death’s Door Tasting Notes”

Fifty Pounds Tasting Notes

To name a brand, you think of something quirky, unique, a name that will stand out. Or how about a simple, every day words name that nods back to a pivotal time in the gin history? That’s what Fifty Pounds has done, and bring to light how important this time was in the production of not justContinue reading “Fifty Pounds Tasting Notes”

Mamont Tasting Notes

I’m a sucker for quirky bottles. I’ve always found them to be eye-catching and I’ll head straight for them if I ever see any on a shelf. There’s a Siberian vodka that had this effect on me going by the name of Mamont, and lately I’ve been lucky enough to try it out. But before I come onto my tastingContinue reading “Mamont Tasting Notes”