Grey Goose Introduces VX: Vodka Exceptionelle

GREY GOOSE®, The World’s Best Tasting vodka, announces the launch of an extraordinary new, ultra-premium expression of GREY GOOSE – GREY GOOSE VX. A spirit like no other, the liquid combines GREY GOOSE vodka with precious drops of cognac. François Thibault, the creator of GREY GOOSE whose passion for crafting extraordinary spirits was fostered asContinue reading “Grey Goose Introduces VX: Vodka Exceptionelle”

Grey Goose

  If you know me personally, or have followed my journey since the beginning, it’s no secret that one of my favourite vodka brands is Grey Goose. There’s not many brands in the world that I don’t like to be fair, each liquid has its own unique trail, but Grey Goose is one that sticksContinue reading “Grey Goose”