Halloween Cocktails From Toussaint Coffee Rum Liqueur

Halloween is here, and Paulina Michalak of Quintessential Brands has created two frighteningly good cocktails using Toussaint coffee rum liqueur! Zombie Tao Glass –  Tiki Mug Ingredients –  40 ml Toussaint Coffee Rum Liqueur 40 ml Skipper Rum 20 ml Fresh lime juice 10 ml Maraschino liqueur 15 ml Orgeat syrup 5 ml Grenadine Method – Continue reading “Halloween Cocktails From Toussaint Coffee Rum Liqueur”

Toussaint Tasting Notes

I’ve featured a couple of coffee liqueurs in the past, some big names and some crafted newcomers, but one recent relaunch seems to be taking bartenders to a new level in coffee drinks, even straying away from the classic Espresso Martini. Toussaint hails its origins from Haiti when under the ruling of France and isContinue reading “Toussaint Tasting Notes”