Thomas Dakin

The year 2015 will be seen as the year that Manchester itself has gained its own city based gin. Although initial production will be housed from the relatively local, yet one of the oldest gin distilleries in the world, G&J Distillers in Warrington, the new brand of Thomas Dakin gin will be a Mancunian brandContinue reading “Thomas Dakin”

Greenall’s Sloe And Greenall’s Wild Berry Gins Launched

Greenall’s Sloe Gin Rich and fruity, with gentle juniper and spicy flavours, this smooth sloe gin is the perfect blend of balanced botanicals. Best served with tonic as a Winter G&T, topped with sparkling wine, neat from a hip flask or in a hot toddy. Price £16.00, available at Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores throughout theContinue reading “Greenall’s Sloe And Greenall’s Wild Berry Gins Launched”

Win Tickets To This Year’s Liquor Market And The New G&J Greenall Book

To celebrate the upcoming Liquor Market and the launch of the new book ‘G & J Greenall: A Spirited Story of Gin and Genius’, written by Richard Barnett and Violeta Ruiz Cuenca, I’ve five copies and five tickets to give away to spirit lovers everywhere! The book looks into G&J Distillers, originally known as G&JContinue reading “Win Tickets To This Year’s Liquor Market And The New G&J Greenall Book”

Toussaint Tasting Notes

I’ve featured a couple of coffee liqueurs in the past, some big names and some crafted newcomers, but one recent relaunch seems to be taking bartenders to a new level in coffee drinks, even straying away from the classic Espresso Martini. Toussaint hails its origins from Haiti when under the ruling of France and isContinue reading “Toussaint Tasting Notes”

G&J Distillers

Have you ever been to a distillery? Have you ever looked into your favourite brand and wondered where it comes from? Have you ever wondered if every name you see out in bars or shops comes from its own distillery? It’s probably something you wouldn’t know and to be fair not many people do. There’sContinue reading “G&J Distillers”