Gold Of Mauritius

Gold of Mauritius

Rum. Associated predominantly with the Caribbean and many of the brands you see today hail from the likes of Jamaica, Barbados and St Lucia. I have featured some of the more lesser known areas such as Argentina and even the UK who produce rum to a worldwide market, but you’d be hard pressed to name such brands off the top of your head. I suppose if you were to remember a liquid clearly, it should stand out, shout and be seen as good quality. I say all this with confidence because the feature for this piece is Gold of Mauritius, a more African venture than Caribbean, but does that really mean we should dismiss it so soon?

This Mauritius rum is produced from the islands own sugar cane plantation, a reliant source for trade in its own right, and aged in re-used port oak barrels. Said to capture ‘the essence of the tropical island with its rich and cultured history’, it gives intrigue to any rum fan. So with this, below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Gold of Mauritius – 40%

Incredibly rich with plenty of wood notes combined with roasted walnuts and high in malt. Very smooth on the palate, with the richness subsiding to become, well just rich! Lots of fresh malt, warm fudge, damp oak and sticky toffee on the palate that produces an incredibly long, warm and mouth-watering finish.

Nothing like the Caribbean styles, this Mauritius based rum is a cracker and one for sipping on its own for sure. Although they do recommend a classic if the mood takes you –



Glass –


Ingredients – 

40 ml Gold of Mauritius
1 spoon Youngberry syrup
1 spoon Vermouth
1 spoon Sugar Cane syrup
1 drop Angostura bitters

Method –

Take a shaker and fill 1/2 with ice. Add the ingredients over ice, stir and strain into Martini glass.

Although its not one for a storied history, it’s ultimately the liquid that does the talking and I believe it captures it’s tag line of ‘the essence of the tropical island with its rich and cultured history’. The liquid is rich and uses its famous culture to create a dark rum with character. One for the cabinet for sure.

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