Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

Continuing a little from the inspiration behind the feature on the Nardini range, it was to be around this time that I came across the French name of Distilleries et Domaines de Provence. Looking at the photo above, you may be hard pressed to recognise the labels, or indeed the names, but this very reason isContinue reading “Distilleries et Domaines de Provence”

Love And Death This Valentines

Came across this today for a different take on your usual Champagne cocktails – Love and Death Glass –  Coupette Ingredients –  60 ml Bulleit Rye 30 ml Viscolata Cardinale 15 ml Vermouth Cocchi 10 ml Red Verjus 2 dash Spanish Bitters 1 dash Abbot’s bitters 1 pcs Grapefruit peel Method –  In a mixingContinue reading “Love And Death This Valentines”

Gold Of Mauritius

Rum. Associated predominantly with the Caribbean and many of the brands you see today hail from the likes of Jamaica, Barbados and St Lucia. I have featured some of the more lesser known areas such as Argentina and even the UK who produce rum to a worldwide market, but you’d be hard pressed to nameContinue reading “Gold Of Mauritius”

Socio Rehab Review

Socio Rehab has been called many things since its time on the streets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, and since its January refurb, those already positive words on their cocktail making skills can be used while sitting in modern comfort. I swung by a few days back for the first time this year for two reasonsContinue reading “Socio Rehab Review”

BBFB American Odyssey Review

The Bacardi Training Team were back in Manchester recently for the next round of their training sessions, this time held in the Champagne and cocktail bar Epernay. Leanne and Tom were our hosts in this popular Manchester bar and perfect setting to learn about Jack Daniels and Woodford Reserve! Starting off with a cocktail named Stonefence, aContinue reading “BBFB American Odyssey Review”