Show Don How It’s Done With 5cc Singer Tavern’s Three Martini Lunch

Martini Lunch

“The Three Martini Lunch is the epitome of American efficiency. Where else can you get an earful, a bellyful and a snootful at the same time?” – Gerald Ford, 1978


The return of the time-honoured, vermouth and gin soaked tradition of the Three Martini Lunch has landed at 5cc Singer Tavern.
Inspired by the original 1950s trend for food and drink pairings, 5cc Singer Tavern will offer a choice of 3 martinis from the exclusive martini menu paired with a selection of small plates to sustain guests through their liquid lunch. Bartenders will be on-hand to guide guests through the menu and assist in selecting different flavour  profiles to suit to their palate, whilst hand-selected bar snacks from the Singer Tavern kitchen will reflect starter, main and dessert courses – olives aren’t the only thing that go with a martini!


During the great boom of advertising, the iconic Three Martini Lunch became an institution in its own right. An essential relationship builder between clients and business, it exploded into the bars of Madison Avenue in the 1950s, quickly becoming de rigueur amongst the US’ top advertising executives, businessmen and their clients – the original ‘Mad Men’.
Throughout this period, the country’s most creative and powerful would indulge in the extravagant tradition revolving around client lunches; 3 martinis and an assortment of high quality food offerings. Bringing together business and relationships, the Three Martini Lunch was a tactical way of encouraging divulgence of information, whilst treating oneself to the iconic cocktail in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
Just remember, what happens during the Three Martini lunch stays at the Three Martini Lunch!


Three Martini Lunch is £36 per person including 3 martinis from 5cc Singer Tavern’s exclusive martini menu paired with the Chef’s selection of small plates only available at this 5cc venue.

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