The Darkest “Hotel” Launches For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day beneath the tempestuous waves can be a torrid affair, but buoyed with a seasonal kindness rarely seen from the Ocean’s mightiest Beast, The Kraken Black Spiced Rum has delivered the answer many UK couples have been looking for. Seeking out one of the very darkest spots in the UK, The Kraken Black SpicedContinue reading “The Darkest “Hotel” Launches For Valentine’s Day”

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Launches Screamfest

The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum has announced the launch of its biggest integrated campaign of all time, Screamfest – a horror movie-inspired campaign which premieres with an immersive Kraken fright night on 13th October while simultaneously rolling out with limited edition POS in over 2,000 venues nationwide. Screamfest is the biggest single campaign investment acrossContinue reading “The Kraken Black Spiced Rum Launches Screamfest”

Come On In, The Shade’s Delicious With Kraken Rum

Hear the words ‘summer cocktail’, and an image of brightly hued drinks with jolly umbrellas probably pops into your head. However this summer, The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum is taking on the traditional warm weather line-up with its own dark twist on the hot favourites, with the ‘Summer Eclipse’ serves… and it’s casting some seriousContinue reading “Come On In, The Shade’s Delicious With Kraken Rum”


East Africa is not renowned for their craft rum. Mauritius may be your closest, that at least i’m aware of, but there’s a brand to look out for now that uses heavy East African influence. Welcome to Matugga. Although not rich in history as it’s a relatively new brand to hit the UK, it doesn’tContinue reading “Matugga”

Sailor Jerry Spices Up Category With New Bottle

William Grant & Sons has unveiled a new look for its premium spiced rum, Sailor Jerry. The new bottle design has been developed to reinforce the brand’s premium credentials, authentic heritage and personality and provide clearer standout on shelf in retail and on the back bar. While the liquid remains unchanged, the new design isContinue reading “Sailor Jerry Spices Up Category With New Bottle”

DeSilver Tasting Notes

When talking of a good rum, you’ll always hear a tale or two told. DeSilver is no different. It is said that in the 17th Century, a bloodthirsty old pirate named Captain DeSilver became famous due to the speed of his sword, won the sobriquet and the admiration of all the sirens in the Caribbean.Continue reading “DeSilver Tasting Notes”

The Kraken Rum Searches For Cocktails ‘As Dark As A Kraken’s Ink’

This October The Kraken Rum is opening the world’s most bizarre pop-up bar, which can be found on board The Redsand Sea Forts located 9 miles off the coast of Kent. The Kraken Rum is offering bartenders the chance to be part of a unique, if terrifying, experience. The brand’s Think Ink cocktail competition isContinue reading “The Kraken Rum Searches For Cocktails ‘As Dark As A Kraken’s Ink’”

RedLeg Tasting Notes

Everyone loves trying a new product, and I’m no exception. I’m not fussy or picky to what I try, and I’ll always keep an open mind to a brand that offers unusual ingredients, but one that has stood out recently is a new Caribbean spiced rum named RedLeg. Launched in the summer of last yearContinue reading “RedLeg Tasting Notes”

Rebellion Tasting Notes

There’s many a spiced rum out in the world, but one of the newer brands that is getting a bit of publicity and bartenders talking, is Rebellion Spiced. But why is this? Well after a bit of digging, here’s what i found – Rebellion Spiced is a blend of Caribbean rums (i’ve been reliably informedContinue reading “Rebellion Tasting Notes”


Bacardí is one of the biggest brands in the world, yet I can not believe that I am yet to feature it in any way shape or form. So in response to this, lets take a look at how Bacardí is the name of rum, and why it is enjoyed in nearly every country *. 1814 heraldedContinue reading “Bacardí”