Sailor Jerry Announces A New Range Of Collectable Bad-Ass Bottle Wraps


William Grant & Sons UK brand, Sailor Jerry, will be releasing a series of collectable, iconic flash art bottle wraps and cups throughout the duration of 2016. Released exclusively in the UK and Australia, the first two designs from this limited edition release will be hitting shelves from April, with the second two designs to follow later in the year.

On a slick black bottle, each of the four new collectable designs – the homeward bound ship, an American eagle, a pin-up girl and a Gypsy – are based on the greatest flash designs from the undisputed father of old school tattoos, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. Collins helped revolutionise the tattoo industry with his blend of traditional bold line Americana and Japanese technique. His legacy as a craftsman lives on and his designs are still crucial to tattoo culture, which continues to grow worldwide.

Inspired by brotherhood, embodying freedom of expression and showcasing the craft of old school tattooing, each new wrap design holds a specific meaning. The Gypsy design represents good fortune, whilst the ship design is practical, patriotic and metaphorical – this was tattooed on sailors as a reminder of home, and as a desire to survive and return to their loved ones. The eagle is a symbol for America, which represents honour, prowess and intelligence. As shown on the wrap, Collins’ eagles are iconic and fierce, and associated with the US flag. The refined pin-up girl design represents the ideal and extremes of femininity; the woman inked on a sailor’s arm would be the only feminine form he would see for months – a design which is arguably Sailor Jerry’s most iconic.

Dave Hort, Senior Brand Manager of Sailor Jerry said: “We wanted to provide our consumers with a collectable run of new bottle wraps based on the great, iconic works of our founding father Norman Collins. These new wraps showcase some of the highest quality flash art that has spanned generations, and we’re proud to continue spreading the word of Norman Collins through this limited edition packaging.”

RRP: £20
Available in: All major retailers
Availability: Limited run – once they are sold out, they are gone!

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