Cinco de Mayo Celebrated Across the UK with Tequila Casco Viejo and El Ron Prohibido

El Ron Prohibido Poster

The annual Cinco de Mayo is upon us once again, and here at Emporia Brands, we’ve put together a series of events across the UK involving the award-winning Tequila Casco Viejo, and the unique El Ron Prohibido rum. Get ready for an action-packed 5th of May!

In Nottingham, Four Hundred Rabbits will be hosting a Tequila Masterclass with Samuel David Boulton from Emporia Brands at 3pm. Enjoy not only Casco Viejo, but also Don Agustin and Maracame, making it three superb brands from the famous Camarena Brothers! In the evening we’ll be partying the night away with live music from the awesome Blue Brazil providing amazing Samba & Bosa Nova Latin grooves, plus special Tequila Casco Viejo cocktails.

Emporio-Brands-Margarita-and-both-bottlesIf you’re in Manchester, Lust, Luck, Liquor and Burn will be the venue for a similar Casco Viejo masterclass, this time hosted by Tom Gedney-Higham of Emporia Brands from 2pm. In Leeds though, you’d need to head down to premier tequila bar Neon Cactus where you can find some Margarita Madness with Casco Viejo fresh fruit Margarita’s! Backroom are also hosting a Casco Viejo cocktail special, with your chance to win a tequila masterclass!

Cardiff is the home of our 2016 UK cocktail competition winner from earlier in the year, Alexander Taylor of 10 Feet Tall. His winning cocktail, Don Agustin’s Daisy, combines Casco Viejo Reposado with Amaretto, Gentian Wine, Yellow Bell Pepper and Citrus and will be on special for the duration of Cinco de Mayo.

Newcastle upon Tyne are also getting in on the action as Alvino’s are showing off the Mexican rum styles of El Ron Prohibido and Casco Viejo with some specially made cocktail serves, plus Popolo have for you a Casco Viejo Margarita ready and waiting for you!

If rum is your tipple, El Ron Prohibido can be found to be the go-to spirit at Riddles in Altrincham for a twist on an Old Fashioned, whilst Topolabamba in Glasgow are on hand to show off their Strawberry Daiquiri using this ‘forbidden’ Mexican brand.

Speaking of Scotland, Treacle in Edinburgh is the perfect venue to enjoy an El Ron Prohibido cocktail, whilst London offer to you the likes of Old Bengal Bar and Blessings Bar for their take on some Mexican cocktail classics!

If you fancy picking a bottle up yourself, you can purchase El Ron Prohibido at Astons of Manchester, The Dram Shop in Sheffield, John’s Wine and Spirits in Cornwall and Gerry’s in London. Similarly, Casco Viejo can also be found at Gerry’s as well as all Wine Rack stores across the UK.

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