One of the most well-known gin brands has been neglected by me and this website since its inception. That’s nothing against the brand, I’ve just never really got round to using it within my work – until now. I’ve managed to get my hand on a bottle, sit down, and really experience the gin. OfContinue reading “Plymouth”

Herencia Mexicana Tasting Notes

Herencia Mexicana is a new tequila that is making a stamp on the market here in the UK. Created using 100% blue agave and double distilled, Herencia Mexicana is produced in ‘The Positos Ranch’ or Destilería La Fortuna, which is located in Arandas County in Jalisco, Mexico. ‘The Positos Ranch’ was bought in 1865 by DonContinue reading “Herencia Mexicana Tasting Notes”