Plymouth Gin Explores Cocktails Past And Present With New Bar Menu

Plymouth Gin has launched an extensive and exciting new drinks menu for the distillery’s Refectory Bar featuring a combination of classic and contemporary cocktails that have been curated by International Brand Ambassador, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge. The menu not only offers an unparalleled taste experience for gin lovers visiting the Plymouth Gin distillery but also brings toContinue reading “Plymouth Gin Explores Cocktails Past And Present With New Bar Menu”


One of the most well-known gin brands has been neglected by me and this website since its inception. That’s nothing against the brand, I’ve just never really got round to using it within my work – until now. I’ve managed to get my hand on a bottle, sit down, and really experience the gin. OfContinue reading “Plymouth”

The Liquorists Gincident Review

If you live in Manchester, or indeed the North, or just have yourself access to social media or have a friend who’s a bartender, you may have come across the tag-team of The Liquorists. The pairing of Tom Sneesby and Jody Monteith have given us many a night since their inception back in 2010, withContinue reading “The Liquorists Gincident Review”