Jack Daniel’s Manchester Select #2 Launches

One of Manchester’s favourite whisky dens, The Britons Protection, hosted another rather special evening in their 200 plus years of existence. Jack Daniel’s, one of the world’s most famous brands, offer a service where you can purchase a Single Reserve barrel, and to add to their impressive 320 expressions of whisky, over 20 of themContinue reading “Jack Daniel’s Manchester Select #2 Launches”

Manchester Whisky Club – January 2015

Entering the second birthday of the Manchester Whisky Club, we decided to take a break from the whisky itself due to the January blues, and side-stepped into the world or rum as a one-off. Held once again at The Briton’s Protection, here’s a run down of the expressions we explored, and my tasting notes toContinue reading “Manchester Whisky Club – January 2015”

Irish Invasion / St Patrick’s Tastings

I thought this would be an appropriate e-mail to forward to everyone! – A very quick reminder to you all that The Whisky Lounge have their series of Irish Invasion tastings coming up and starting this Friday! They will be tasting six of the finest from the Emerald Isle, showing off what they can really achieve, ratherContinue reading “Irish Invasion / St Patrick’s Tastings”