The Dominican Republic only has a couple of rum brands coming from its land that many of you will know for example, Matusalem and Atlantico, but there is one that could stake a claim of being the most well-known – Brugal. Brugal was founded by Andrés Brugal Montener in 1888. Andres was a Spanish émigré in Cuba, and it was in CubaContinue reading “Brugal”

The Liquorists Rum Trail 3 Review

Last night was the beginning of something which is now familiar within the Manchester bar and restaurant scene, so familiar in fact that it’s now accustomed to hear the words “so how many have you been on?” when meeting like-minded drinks enthusiasts for the first time. I am of course talking about The Liquorists and theirContinue reading “The Liquorists Rum Trail 3 Review”