Barceló, hailing from the Dominican Republic, has a slightly unique trait in that it’s the only Dominican Rum to be manufactured directly from sugar cane juice. A good start, but how did all it come to this? In 1929, Julián Barceló arrived from Spain to Santo Domingo and founded Barceló & Co. where soon after he began producingContinue reading “Barceló”


The Dominican Republic only has a couple of rum brands coming from its land that many of you will know for example, Matusalem and Atlantico, but there is one that could stake a claim of being the most well-known – Brugal. Brugal was founded by Andrés Brugal Montener in 1888. Andres was a Spanish émigré in Cuba, and it was in CubaContinue reading “Brugal”

Matusalem Tasting Notes

To hear of a story that sets about a journey for one reason and one reason only can really captivate an audience – say for example the story of Matusalem rum. Two Spanish brothers, Benjamin and Eduardo Camp, together with a third partner, Evaristo Álvarez, left Spain and settled in Cuba for the purpose ofContinue reading “Matusalem Tasting Notes”

Atlantico Rum Tasting Notes

Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to try out a relatively unheard of rum brand in the UK. Hailing from the Dominican Republic and endorsed by such stars as Enrique Inglesias and backing its own charity, Atlantico is sure to create some waves in the rum world. But what makes Atlantico different from every other brand? Atlantico is a blend ofContinue reading “Atlantico Rum Tasting Notes”

Ron Barceló Imperial & XM Royal Rum Tasting Notes

I swung by Corks Out in Timperley today to have a chat with their new General Manager Karim about all things wine and spirits. After pondering whether Chase should have kept their Marmalade vodka packaging clear or in their current orange bottle, Karim moved our attention to some open bottles of rum that he had availableContinue reading “Ron Barceló Imperial & XM Royal Rum Tasting Notes”