Dictador Rebrands Its Iconic XO Bottle As A Dazzling Work Of Art

Dictador, the award-winning Colombian rum producer, today announces the rebrand of its iconic XO Insolent and Perpetual Solera System rum bottles. The decision to rebrand comes at a time when Dictador is achieving overwhelming and unprecedented global interest as the brand continues to expand its distribution channels worldwide.

Representing another milestone in Dictador’s history, the impressively redesigned Insolent and Perpetual bottles stay true to the original Japanese design tradition, while being carried out in an elegant and modern way. Maintaining the previous bottle’s body shape, the new bottles are crystalline and luminescent, capturing the rich and vivid copper liquid that lies within. Exquisitely designed like a piece of art, the bottle has a modern design with a sleek and sexy look.

Marek Szoldrowski, President of Dictador Europe, said: “We are pleased to launch our new XO Insolent and Perpetual bottles which we feel capture the essence of our distinctive and luxuriously flavoured rums. The bold design makes a strong statement and will appeal to both new and existing clientele who are drawn to the liquid works of art we are known for. We have worked with an incredibly talented team of creatives on this project and are delighted to see it come to fruition.”

The two XO rums are the more decorated of the Dictador rum portfolio, mainly in part to the different aging system used. Dictador XO Insolent is made from first press sugar cane juice that is fermented for sixty hours and 100 per cent pot distilled. Aged in a combination of ex-bourbon barrels, ex-sherry butts and charred port casks, the rum features a mixture of sweet and smoky flavours from the oak. In the glass, Insolent is a deep mahogany colour, and on the nose, has combined vanilla and honey notes with hints of white chocolate and caramel parfait. On the palette, the taste is a smooth mouthful of fudge, intense vanilla and Colombian coffee.

Dictador XO Perpetual is made from the fermentation of unique virgin sugar cane honey, distilled in an antique alembic copper still, then aged in the highest quality ex-bourbon barrels, as well as ex-sherry butts and port casks. The age-old traditional family solera system is used to carefully balance the delicate smoky and sweet flavours to create an exquisite blend that pays homage to the legacy of Dictador. On the nose, Perpetual is a combined intricately roasted honey, Colombian coffee and mature oak, rounded out by scents of vanilla. On the palette, the feel is extremely smooth with hints of spice and oak to create a long chocolate-filled finish. deep mahogany brown with golden colours and superb shine.

In addition to its highly regarded award-winning rum portfolio, the Dictador brand offers a collection of Dominican cigars and Colombian coffees and chocolates. Dictador’s premium line of mild and full-bodied cigars, whose tobacco leaves are aged in Dictador’s own barrels, are ideal accompaniments to their premium line of rums, gins and perfectly balanced Colombian coffees, thereby allowing the connoisseur to truly experience and enjoy the Dictador lifestyle.

Dictador will be attending ProWein in Dusseldorf, the World’s No. 1 International Trade Fair for Wines and Spirits, from 19-21 March. Stop by Booth B86 in Hall 12 for a chat and to sample their line of awardwinning spirits.





It’s a good day when you head to a tasting, knowing that you have never tried any of the expressions that will be put in front of you. It happened to me recently as Dictador launched itself in Manchester in collaboration with wholesaler Hammond’s of Knutsford. Nine to be tried, two of those gins and the rest rum, with brand manager Cesar Triana Botero on hand to explain the ins and outs. So without further a do –

It is said that in 1751, Severo Arango y Ferro arrived in Cartagena de Indias, northern Columbia looking to control and increase the commerce between American Spanish colonies and Spain. During this time he fell in love with the local spirit of rum, and decided to produce and trade within. With his supposed strength and power, he was given the name ‘Dictador’. In 1913, one of his descendants, Don Julio Arango y Parra, established the Destileria Colombiana. Now in its third generation, lets see the range and how they compare to one-another. First, the gin –

The gin is based on a unique Colombian fruit called Limon Mandarino (Tangerine-Lemon). The base spirit of the gin is made from a neutral spirit distilled up to five times from sugar cane. 12 botanicals including ginger, black pepper, angelica, rosemary and the Limon Mandarino are added during the ageing process. This happens within oak barrels previously used for the Dictador rums for a period of 35 weeks.

Columbian Aged Gin

Columbian Aged Gin, Treasure – 43%

Subtle aromas of oak on the nose, with a citrus and soft herb mix coming through. Soft oak on the palate, with orange and a slight cocoa flavour hitting before a fresh citrus a slight spice finish that leaves it warm and lingering.

Columbian Aged Gin, Ortodoxy – 43%

Created and based on the formula of Dario Parra, former president of the company, and lover of gin who originally had this for his own personal consumption.
A spicy pepper, rosemary and smooth, rich fruit aromas on the nose. Plenty of pepper on the palate, with a citrus and herbal combination on the finish which is long, soft and dry.

Newly released, the Dictador 100 range are each aged for 100 months.

Dictador Claro – 40%

Filtered to produce a clear liquid. Dry honey on the nose, with vanilla and rich white chocolate. Light vanilla on the palate, dry chocolate flavours offering a sweet finish.

Dictador 100 Series
Dictador 100 Series

Dictador Amber – 40%

Fresh vanilla with fudge and cigar notes on the nose. Light oak, with a smoky cigar flavour on the palate creating a lingering dry finish.

Dictador Orange – 40%

A slightly dry orange nose, with subtle sweetness following. Again a subtle flavour of orange on the palate, producing a light, dry finish.

Dictador Cafe – 40%

Rich coffee nose, plenty of sweetness with fresh vanilla blending with malt and biscuit aromas. Light on the palate of dry cocoa, creating a lingering and rather dry finish.

The main expressions of the Dictador rum range are more commonly found at the moment though, with the 12 and 20yr’s made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey, then distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in steel continuous column, before being aged in ex oak barrels using the solera method.

Dictador 12yr – 40%

A sharp vanilla nose, with plenty of clotted fudge creating a smooth, subtle sweetness. Slight notes of fresh oak on the palate, with charcoal, vanilla and roasted coffee creating a short yet very dry finish.

Cesar Triana Botero
Cesar Triana Botero

Dictador 20yr – 40%

Light on the nose with subtle notes of honey, dry coffee and caramel. Light on the palate too, although a thick layer of oak, butterscotch and honey offers a strong, lingering finish.

Dictador XO Perpetual – 40%

Created using the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey, but only distilled in an antique alembic copper still, before aged in ex bourbon barrels within the solera method.
Liquorice, coffee and crème brulee dominate the nose, with hints of oak and sweetness coming through. Fresh wood on the palate, offering a smooth, slightly dry and light experience, with plenty of vanilla, butter and dark chocolate. Stunning.

A lot to take in, and such a different style offered in both the gin and rum expressions. The gin is hitting a new trend of barrel-ageing the liquids, although I’m personally not a huge fan. It offers something different, and you can get the style of Dictador rum coming through, which is hugely different to any of the Caribbean palates we are accustomed to. Like its other South American rivals, It’s great that it showing individuality, and the XO Perpetual offers a fantastic premium rum to the market. Look out for it, and if you’re a rum or gin lover, seek them out for sure. If you like to experience a different style of these two categories, Dictador is your brand to head to.

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