While some well-established Japanese distilleries have already warned worldwide whisky enthusiasts they were starting to run low on stocks, Monde Shuzo Distillery, in partnership with the European distributor Les Whiskies du monde, has officially launched a brand new expression : Fujikai, a 10-year-old single malt produced at the foot of the world-famous Mount Fuji. Limited toContinue reading “Fujikai”


Japanese whisky has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years, gaining recognition within the world as some of the best whiskies available. It’s with this that I thought I’d dive into one of the categories most recognisable names and check out their expressions. Lets say hello to Nikka. Nikka can trace itself backContinue reading “Nikka”

Manchester Whisky Club Review – July

Last Thursday saw meeting number seven of the Manchester Whisky Club, held at the new venue of The Castle in Manchester. Just like last month, a theme was the order of the day, with everything Japanese celebrated. Club founder Andy brought with him 5 expressions covering a little bit of everything, so without further a do,Continue reading “Manchester Whisky Club Review – July”