Get Some ‘Sound Advice’ From Trailer Happiness’ Sly Augustin At Tales On Tour


Industry legend Sasha Petraske used to say he’d made up his mind whether he liked a bar 5 seconds after opening the door and it is widely agreed that music is the quickest and most important way to establish an instant atmosphere in a venue.

On Monday 9 April, Tales on Tour invites you to learn the secrets behind the best music policies in the business with a seminar on sound from Sly Augustin, owner of West London’s favourite community bar Trailer Happiness, Bacardi Brand Ambassador Metinee Kongsrivali and Moderator, Jacob Briars.

Better Bar Music
As anyone who has visited Trailer will attest, it can be a full-on house party, a laid-back lounge or an intimate date spot: transitioning seamlessly between those moods with a well-defined and non-generic music policy.

Central to this, is Sly Augustin and Trailer’s own passion for music and ethos around community; inviting guests to become part of its 15-year history both locally and internationally with a consistent soundtrack of hospitality. Offering insights into the latest technology, how to promote and manage your music offering and the best music to drink to, Augustin will demonstrate how to stimulate one of the most powerful of the 5 senses.

2018 has already been a busy year for Augustin who was awarded ‘Rum Champion of the Year 2018’ at the annual Think Rum round table, as well as Trailer Happiness being voted ‘Best Individual Bar’. This follows a successful year in 2017 when Trailer Happiness was awarded Imbibe’s ‘Rum list of the year’ and received ‘Best International High Volume Cocktail Bar’ at the Spirited Awards at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

When The Science Of Cymatics And The Art Of Distillation Meet

Glenfiddich 09.07.15-268

When the people from Glenfiddich, the Maverick Whisky Makers of Dufftown, began to search for a suitably fitting way to celebrate their 21 Year Old liquid, an exceptional single malt nurtured in Scotland and finished in rum-infused casks from the Caribbean, the journey led them to a ground-breaking meshing of science, art, music and motion – and a transformation of the whisky into a visible expression of itself.

In this ambitious project which spanned twelve months and brought together a diverse ‘cast’ including experts in the science of Cymatics – the study of visible sound waves – Caribbean vocalist, Calma Carmona, and the Co-Operative Orchestra Scotland, Glenfiddich has conducted a revolutionary experiment designed to explore the effects of live music on single malt.

Inspired by the whisky raised in Scotland and roused by the Caribbean, a Franz Ferdinand track, Love Illumination, was selected as the experiment’s catalyst, with a new interpretation fusing the musical heritage of both cultures through powerful Scottish orchestration and Carmona’s distinctive Caribbean vocal. This unusual artist collaboration provides the perfect metaphor for the unique qualities of the single malt that is matured for 21 years in Scotland and then given a vibrant twist by finishing for four months in Glenfiddich’s own Caribbean rum casks.

The artists performed the unique track in a London warehouse in real time to an ‘audience’ of bespoke, precision-crafted devices, developed by creative laboratory TenHertz, and manufactured to capture the various cymatic effects of the music on the 21 year old liquid. Each device was specifically attuned to respond and react to different note ranges and sound frequencies, isolated through a speaker via specially programmed software.

Vaguely reminiscent of classroom chemistry flasks, but infinitely more sophisticated, the Decanter devices produced horizontal pulses and vibrations associated with the stringed instruments and Calma’s vocals. Additionally, the Double Helix and Zig Zag devices manifested air twists and zig zag patterns created by flowing whisky in response to the double bass and percussion of the orchestra and band. Most spectacularly a fourth device, the Levitron, isolated one drop of ‘levitating’ single malt between two ultrasonic transducers in mid-air. This spectacular result, the whisky in suspended animation, was created by the notes of the song’s finale; the first time that this has been witnessed outside of a laboratory.

Beautiful, rhythmic, and at times, mesmeric, the controlled but seemingly organic movement of the whisky, in tandem with the power and sweetness of the music, creates a compelling fusion of art and science, and a suitably emblematic motif of Glenfiddich’s single malt making heritage, which has always combined maverick spirit with dedicated precision.

Describing the pain-staking set up of the experiment, Felix Thorn, Director at TenHertz, said, “This was a first for us, taking months of research and testing of the device prototypes before we built the final installation you see in the film. Liquid is, by its nature, a fluid medium and we weren’t able to offer any guarantees that these specially developed techniques would work away from a laboratory environment. Isolating sound frequencies in the context of a warehouse full of people, equipment, background noise as well as a 12 piece orchestra also proved a challenge! But the sweat and stress was worth it when we captured that single drop of single malt in blissful isolation. As an image, and as an outcome of more than a year’s work, it was a beautiful thing.”

The full experiment, and the dramatic impact of the sound on the whisky, was captured in a compelling film released today and available to view here:

From The Streets To Bars Across The UK, Buskers To Take Centre Stage

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From Ed Sheeran to Beck, many of the world’s biggest music stars started their career as buskers – and now Tullamore D.E.W. is celebrating the talent and courageous spirit of a new generation of street musicians with the launch of ‘Busking Unbarred’.

With live music embedded in its Irish roots, Tullamore D.E.W. has joined forces with The Busking Project, an organisation which supports buskers around the world, to launch Busking Unbarred, which will help grow appreciation for artists who are brave enough to bare their souls on the streets, often in the face of increasing restrictions from authorties.
With many successful musicians busking early in their careers, and social media and digital music platforms allowing buskers to reach wider audiences, the landscape and perceptions of busking have changed dramatically. Busking Unbarred, which launches this week and runs throughout the year, will shine the spotlight on this new era of busking.
Busking Unbarred will see free downloads of tracks by 10 talented buskers from across the UK and Ireland available to consumers purchasing Tullamore D.E.W. in bars across the UK. The buskers and their music are promoted on the Busking Unbarred website at and the busker whose track received the most downloads will be rewarded with time in a professional recording studio to create their next album.

Tullamore D.E.W. will also be bringing buskers and their music to a wider audience by staging a series of Busking Unbarred guerilla gigs in bars in London, Leeds and Edinburgh, shining the spotlight on musicians who play their songs on the streets.

The 10 Busking Unbarred artists, who have been handpicked by Tullamore D.E.W. and The Busking Project, include Ray Scully and The Fitzafrenic, both from Dublin, Charlotte Campbell from London, Adam Kadabra from Glasgow and Jen & The Gents from Edinburgh.

Nick Broad, founder of The Busking Project, said: “Busking is the only completely non-exclusive art form, anexpression of the human spirit and an act of freedom.It’s the most common way that artists can further their careers, practice their art and do what they love – and yet more and more regulations are being introduced by authorities, which threaten their livelihood.

“There’s a strong tradition of busking in Irish culture and it’s great to be working with Tullamore D.E.W. on Busking Unbarred to showcase and support some of the UK and Ireland’s greatest busking talents.”

The Beat of The Street Report

In addition to Busking Unbarred, Tullamore D.E.W. and The Busking Project have also produced The Beat of The Street Report, the first investigation of its kind into the health of busking around the world.
From the town squares of Ancient Rome to the streets of modern Dublin, busking is one of the oldest and most resilient forms of performance. A vibrant busking scene can help revitalise city centres, whichhave been damaged by factors such as the recession and online shopping, but more cities are introducing legislation to regulate busking and control the way in which public space is used.

The Beat of TheStreet Report, commissioned by Tullamore D.E.W. and written by The Busking Project, evaluates the different busking approaches and policies of 35 cities across the world and looks at the part busking can play in today’s urban environment and how it can be protected and strengthened for the future.
The findings of the Report have been used to form an accompanying policy paper (written by the Busking Project) – A future direction for the governance of busking in public places.
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Leading African DJ Black Coffee Inspires With A Unique Musical Experiment For Ballantine’s

Ballantine's Presents Black  Coffee's Human Orchestra - Profile

Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky, has launched an inspiring short film, ‘Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra’, created in collaboration with world-renowned African DJ and Producer, Black Coffee. The film is the latest in a series presented by Ballantine’s, each of which has been shot around the world and features unique individuals who represent Ballantine’s global mantra, ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’. Each film in the series, which can be seen at, captures these individuals as they bring their own story to life, performing innovative, creative and artistic experiments centred around their passions, philosophies and talent.

The latest film, shot in and around Johannesburg (Soweto and Maboneng), illustrates Back Coffee’s passion, creativity and ‘Stay True’ spirit of continuous experimentation with music. The film opens with Black Coffee’s own back-story and beliefs around life, music and creation, before we see him assemble a group of vocalists from across Africa. The climax of the film is an experiment which defines Black Coffee’s ambition as an artist; an impressive feat to deconstruct one of his most famous electronic music productions, ‘Rock My World’, recreating it using only the vocal abilities of his 40 strong choir.

About Black Coffee

Hailing from Durban but now based in the creatively buzzing metropolis of Johannesburg, Black Coffee has been creatively involved in music since the age of two. From then, he has followed a path of musical experimentation via bands, jazz, music school (where a passion for production led him to copy his teacher’s studio key so he could experiment after hours) and latterly, as a club-filling DJ known for his modern and international take on the booming ‘Afropolitan’ house movement.

He is known for his passion in bringing people together and uniting them through music, participating in numerous projects and launching his own Foundation in support of social cohesion, raising funds through challenging himself with initiatives that include a marathon 60-hour DJ set. This philosophical belief developed during South Africa’s transition from the Apartheid regime; a period during which music had a united thread that helped to, and continues to, bring people together.

It is this sense of conviction to music and desire to innovate that truly define Black Coffee as the perfect representation of Ballantine’s mantra of ‘Stay True’.

About Stay True Stories and

Ballantine’s is engaged in a global journey to produce a series of films which feature personalities who serve as an embodiment of ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’. ‘Black Coffee’s Human Orchestra’ follows on from films including ‘Kilian Martin’s Carmen’, featuring world leading freestyle skateboarder Kilian Martin and his unique take on Bizet’s Spanish set opera Carmen, ‘Ben Mead’s Art of Drumming’, which shows the London-based star of Ballantine’s global ‘Stay True’ TV campaign performing an exceptional experiment to visualise sound, and ‘The Whale Song’, featuring Chilean bassist, Juan Manuel Aguirre, as he takes to the sea in a rare experiment to capture the union of music and nature. Further films are currently in production across four continents and will be released throughout 2014 and 15.

These films can be found at, an online hub which also launches today, collating the richest and most captivating stories from across the web, chosen as a result of their ability to inspire us to Stay True to our own courage and conviction.

Black Coffee commented: “Musical experimentation and its power to bring people together is why I do what I do. When Ballantine’s asked me what my dream experiment would be, I wanted to set us the challenge to do something unique. To see the group of vocalists we put together from throughout Africa with each playing their own part, producing the final recreation of ‘Rock My World’ was an amazingly satisfying moment.”

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, commented: “Black Coffee is a true representation of what we mean by Stay True; someone who does what they do because they have to, because it’s inside them. We hope that both this film and others online at, will inspire those watching to drive themselves forward in their own way, just as Black Coffee does himself.”

Ballantine’s And Boiler Room Take Fans On Journey Of Musical Discovery

Boiler Room and Ballantine's Stay True Journeys Image 1

Ballantine’s, the world’s No. 2 Scotch whisky, today announced a global brand partnership with online music phenomena, Boiler Room.

‘Boiler Room & Ballantine’s Stay True Journeys’ aims to discover and celebrate the stories of the world’s most vibrant music scenes – from the characters who defined them, to the pioneers that are driving them forwards. The centrepiece of the project will be the production of a series of online documentaries, shot on location across the globe and featuring local musicians exploring the stories of the people, places and factors that have created each unique music culture.

A series of one-off, local events in stunning venues will also be staged throughout the year, featuring a mix of local legends and emerging talent, as well as some of the hottest international names. Tickets to the events will be exclusively available via Ballantine’s and Boiler Room channels, with a global audience able to tune-in live online via the microsite, Boilerroom.TV/StayTrue.

The first ‘Stay True Journey’ will take place in a yet undisclosed location in Mexico in March, with further destinations already lined up across three continents. More details will be announced in the coming weeks at Boilerroom.TV/StayTrue.

From its inauspicious beginnings as a lo-fi series of streamed DJ sets and live performances from a warehouse in Hackney, London, has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular, authentic music channels, with well over six million monthly viewers and a social community of over a million.

Its unique formula of intimate, invite-only events, featuring artists performing the music of their choice, via global live-stream, has already attracted artists including Thom Yorke, Laurent Garnier, Bonobo, Skream and Mark Ronson. In the last few weeks they have broadcast shows from Berlin, London, Glasgow, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Lisbon.

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s commented: “Boiler Room is a natural partner for Ballantine’s. They’ve consistently delivered the most credible live and streamed music experiences to music lovers across the globe and, as such, epitomise the Stay True values of our brand. At a time when music is all too often viewed as disposable, ‘Stay True Journeys’ allows us to immerse fans in the stories which lie behind the world’s most exciting and authentic musical talent.”

Blaise Bellville, founder and CEO of Boiler Room added: “We don’t enter into brand partnerships lightly. What excited us about this opportunity was that Ballantine’s stands by its mantra of being genuine and authentic, with a true passion for music – where it’s come from, where it is at currently and where it’s heading. This project is going to allow us to capture and share the best of these stories, from all over the world.”

In addition to ‘Stay True Journeys’, Ballantine’s has also been supporting Boiler Room events around the world, with Ballantine’s in Mexico having previously hosted a number of events and Ballantine’s in Israel signed up to sponsor the first ever Boiler Room event in the country. Ballantine’s unveiled its new brand positioning, Stay True, Leave An Impression, in October 2013, which serves as an invitation to consumers to express themselves in a genuine and authentic way, applauding conviction and self-belief.

 For more information, see Boilerroom.TV/StayTrue