Angostura Launches Limited Edition New Cask Collection with No. 1

Angostura has announced the launch of No.1, the first in a new collection of limited edition premium rums, which has been released in the UK this week. Bottled at 40% and aged in special casks, Angostura No.1 is the first premium rum to be introduced in the new Cask Collection, which is entirely dedicated to rumsContinue reading “Angostura Launches Limited Edition New Cask Collection with No. 1”


There are not many rums that hail from Trinidad and Tobago, but the most well-known comes in the form of Angostura. Although you may be more familiar with its range of bitters. The distinctive slender bottle of the bitters, wrapped in an oversized label, began in Venezuela. In 1820, Dr. J.G.B. Siegert, a decorated, 24-year-old surgeonContinue reading “Angostura”