Cellar Trends Secures Angostura Deal

2015 has already marked a year of accomplishments for Cellar Trends, with the addition of multiple brands to its portfolio, but the company is set to build on the foundations with the announcement of a significant deal with Angostura, the renowned rum and iconic bitters brand. From the 1st July, the agreement will see CellarContinue reading “Cellar Trends Secures Angostura Deal”

Fluttering Drinkers With The Heart Of Angostura

The taste of Trinidad comes to London Cocktail Week as Angostura creates Butterfly House A truly unique experience will be coming to this year’s esteemed London Cocktail Week as Angostura rum brings tropical Trinidad to London’s Shoreditch. Open from Thursday 9th – Sunday 12th October, The Angostura Butterfly House will bring fluttering moments of joyContinue reading “Fluttering Drinkers With The Heart Of Angostura”

Angostura and Edinburgh Review

I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the UK to visit various cities as brands host themed evenings, master classes or even visits to distilleries themselves. But one event that I’ve been looking forward involved me travelling to a city that I’ve only been to as a child, so this counts as a relatively newContinue reading “Angostura and Edinburgh Review”


There are not many rums that hail from Trinidad and Tobago, but the most well-known comes in the form of Angostura. Although you may be more familiar with its range of bitters. The distinctive slender bottle of the bitters, wrapped in an oversized label, began in Venezuela. In 1820, Dr. J.G.B. Siegert, a decorated, 24-year-old surgeonContinue reading “Angostura”