Robinsons Brewery

I’m a huge fan of supporting local businesses when it comes to the bar scene, whether its fresh fruits, farm-house preserves or interior decorators. But one aspect I always try to achieve is to collaborate with a local brewer. Being located in the North West, I’m fortunate enough to have many a name on myContinue reading “Robinsons Brewery”

“Trooper” – A New Cask And Bottled Ale From Iron Maiden And Robinson’s Brewery

        Robinson’s are delighted to announce that they have teamed up with British rock legends Iron Maiden to launch an exclusive new beer called “Trooper”. This collaboration is an ideal match; Bruce Dickinson, Maiden’s lead vocalist, loves his real ale, and Robinson’s are one of Britain’s most established and respected independent family-owned brewersContinue reading ““Trooper” – A New Cask And Bottled Ale From Iron Maiden And Robinson’s Brewery”

Estrella Damm Tasting Notes

Theres always a staple brand that will catch your eye when you glance into a bars bottle fridge. One that everyone knows, but may not usually see is Estrella Damm. Why? It’s one of Spain’s most famous brands, shouted at you with a smile by your Spanish waiter on your yearly holiday to sunnier climates, yet in 2012, ‘The BeerContinue reading “Estrella Damm Tasting Notes”

Beerlao Tasting Notes

Craft beers are on the rise in the UK. More and more bars, restaurants and pubs are offering beers and brands coming from the farthest stretches of the world to delight and intrigue us. Asia has given us many a popular sight, including Tiger Beer, Asahi, Bintang and Beerlao. One of these brands I’ve known for aContinue reading “Beerlao Tasting Notes”

Annies Review

Who likes a hidden gem? A place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Manchester? Somewhere where you can relax with a menu that’s eye-catching in a chair that you’ll want to take home with you. Sound good? Welcome to Annies. The new venture by the couple of Chris Farr of Smith’s of Eccles fameContinue reading “Annies Review”

Miller Genuine Draught Tasting Notes

If you’re ever with me for a drink, it’s a rarity I go for lager these days, nothing against them, I just seem to have a bigger heart towards ales. But what I do love is the time where you can just crack open a bottle at home on a hot summers day. Millers is myContinue reading “Miller Genuine Draught Tasting Notes”