By The Dutch

“By the Dutch” are a relatively new company (founded in 2015) who produce traditional Dutch spirits, focusing on their native heritage. Majority are distilled in Schiedam, Holland, the claimed ‘Genever Town’ which also houses De Kuyper, Boompjes and Ketel One amongst its tenants. With this, By The Dutch have created and released two spirits soContinue reading “By The Dutch”

Oseven and Boompjes Tasting Notes

I’ve recently covered a new brand which gives its name to one of the fathers of gin, Franciscus Sylvius, the aptly named Sylvius. The distillery Onder de boompjes doesn’t just produce Sylvius though, it also houses a brand of genever named Boompjes as well as a vodka called Oseven. Take a look at my piece onContinue reading “Oseven and Boompjes Tasting Notes”

Distillnation Range Tasting Notes

There are many independent spirit specialists out their, but when it comes to fine spirits, the more exquisite brands, Distillnation can make the top spot. With brands including Ron Botran, De Luze Cognac and Artemisia Absinthe it covers categories that others shy away from and happily opens them out to the consumer eye. Distillnation itself was founded by FrancisContinue reading “Distillnation Range Tasting Notes”