Limited Edition Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold Honouring 125 Years

To celebrate 125 years of its fine product, Mandarine Napoléon has crafted an extraordinary version of its delectable liqueur: The Limited Edition Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold. The special edition is a distillate of Sicilian mandarins blended with nothing less than a 125-year-old Grande Fine Champagne Cognac – resulting in a delightfully fresh and soft mandarinContinue reading “Limited Edition Mandarine Napoléon XO Gold Honouring 125 Years”

De Kuyper And UKBG Get Things Shaking In The North West

The North West is set to discover the brightest in bartending talent later this month, as the northern heat of UKBG National Cocktail competition heads to the Cheshire town of Warrington. The event will be sponsored by De Kuyper, the world’s largest producer of cocktail liqueurs. The cocktail competition, which will take place in Tom’sContinue reading “De Kuyper And UKBG Get Things Shaking In The North West”


Most of you will know that the Dutch are the creditors when gin is concerned. They were the fathers of Genever, which spun itself into the category we all know and love. It’s odd then that here in the UK, Dutch gin’s are relatively low on the ratio scale. Bols and Sylvius are just twoContinue reading “Wenneker”

Oseven and Boompjes Tasting Notes

I’ve recently covered a new brand which gives its name to one of the fathers of gin, Franciscus Sylvius, the aptly named Sylvius. The distillery Onder de boompjes doesn’t just produce Sylvius though, it also houses a brand of genever named Boompjes as well as a vodka called Oseven. Take a look at my piece onContinue reading “Oseven and Boompjes Tasting Notes”

Sloane’s Gin Tasting Notes

Sloane’s Gin have just come off the success of their first ever world cocktail competition held at the The Blacksmith & The Toffeemaker in London, so i thought it would be a good time to take a look back at this Dutch gin that first graced the shelves back in October last year. So what is Sloane’s?Continue reading “Sloane’s Gin Tasting Notes”