Double Dutch Opens ‘Speakeasy’ Pop Up Bar

double dutch

Double Dutch has created a ‘speakeasy’ bar, tucked away behind a craft-gin shop, in Westfield Stratford City. Heroing the brand’s extensive range of premium mixers, showcased in a selection of delicious mocktails and cocktails, the secret bar offers shoppers a chance to escape the busy shopping crowds and try something different this January.

As leaders in the premium mixers scene and millennials themselves, Double Dutch is at the forefront of current Gen-Z trends, which see a third of under 25’s now embracing non-alcoholic drinks. With this in mind, Double Dutch has collaborated with top bartenders Chris Dennis and Jo St Clair-Ford – formerly of Disrepute, Callooh Callay & Zettertownhouse – to create a bespoke menu of mocktails & cocktails. The drinks are infused with superfoods such as turmeric & ginger, as well as the botanical flavours of lavender, coriander and earl grey, guests can sip away completely guilt-free.

Known for their unique flavoured mixers such as Cucumber and Watermelon, Pomegranate and Basil, and Cranberry Tonic Water, Double Dutch has used flavour profiling within the premium mixers scene since 2015, regularly launching limited edition soft drinks. Making a return at the pop-up bar is Double Dutch Spices & Oakwood, a delicious blend of cinnamon, cloves, star anise and nutmeg, balanced by sweet vanilla notes, for perfect for those who prefer something a little more warming during the colder months.

On entering the craft gin shop, guests must find the secret black door and reveal the password to experience it all, ‘Show me the Hi-vag-ide A-vag-wa-vag-ay’ – ‘hideaway’ in Double Dutch.

double dutch 2
During the day, the main shop area at the front will be open to the public, with Chris Dennis and Jo St Clair-Ford, on hand to help guests explore the different flavour profiles of each of the gins available and partner them with their chosen Double Dutch mixer.

“We are very excited to welcome the Double Dutch pop-up shop to Westfield Stratford City,” says Paul Buttigieg, Commercial Director Europe, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield. “The next few months are a very busy time for us; it’s great to have a secret bar for everyone to relax in and unwind.”

Open from the 8th December to February 2019, Double Dutch will also be holding a host of events in the speakeasy bar, including ‘Drinks at Home Masterclasses’. From Tom Collins to Martinis, attendees will be taught everything they need to know about making cocktails at home, by an award winning bartender. More details will be found on the Double Dutch website.

Westfield Stratford City, ground floor
Open Now

Double Dutch shop opening times:
10am – 10pm (Monday – Saturday)
10am – 6pm (Sunday)

Speakeasy bar opening times:
5pm – 10pm (Monday – Friday)
12pm – 10pm (Saturday)
12pm – 6pm (Sunday)

Laimon Fresh Tasting Notes

Laimon Fresh

Mixers seem to be the new trend at the end of 2013, and with the new year looking promising, I think it will only get bigger. With names such as Fentimans, Jax Coco and ZEO already featured, and brands such as Glo Worm looking at making a splash in 2014, it’s the turn of the sub-category that is in-between a soft drink and a ready-to-drink that I’ll be focusing on here.

Laimon Fresh is a new sparkling juice drink containing 100% natural ingredients of lemon, lime and mint, launched in the spring of 2013. Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, the near components of the classic mojito, which is exactly what the makers have gone for. Designed to be a life saver when friends ‘pop in’ or you’re found hosting last-minute entertainment, the idea is that you add a splash of white rum and some ice and voilà!

Question is, does it work? There’s plenty of brands like this out in the market, but would this stand out? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Laimon Fresh – 0%

A fresh combination of the mint, lemon and lime on the nose, with the mint dominating slightly more. Low carbonation on the palate, with all three flavours coming through in waves. Light, refreshing and a little kick on the back.
Try it with Bacardi Superior. The rum comes through, although doesn’t mask the lemon, mint and lime flavours. Well-balanced yet short.

Not bad, not bad at all. A definite summer thirst, and although it won’t break any barriers, it does the job, which to be fair, makes it a winner. I know some bartenders will not take my word for it, but there are a few that are willing to give Laimon Fresh a go, even combining with a variety of different spirits for a quick fix.

Laimon Fresh has been doing the rounds in London, Plymouth, Barcelona and Madrid, catching the eyes of many retailers and consumers alike. You may have even seen it on TV! I can see Laimon Fresh being the underdog in 2014, now the word is out and it does well to cater for both the soft drinkers and spirit lovers of the world.

Give it a go.

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Jax Coco Tasting Notes

Jax Coco

I’m always on the look out for new and exciting products to try, and one in particular has apparently been causing a stir down in London town. The following is the latest press release from them detailing their latest achievements –

Jax Coco is excited to announce their recent listings in multiple London venues.

Premium coconut water brand Jax Coco is now available in the Eurostar Lounges, Ricker Restaurants and at Maybourne Group hotels. The popular and hydrating drink has also just become available at Michelin-Starred Tom Aikens Restaurant in Chelsea, taking the hospitality industry by storm.

As well as offering Jax Coco as a soft drink or mixer in Ricker Restaurants (E&O, XO, Cicada, Eight over Eight, La Bodega Negra and also the newly opened Casa Negra in Shoreditch), La Bodega Negra have also found innovative ways to incorporate Jax into their menus where the product now features on the ever impressive cocktail list. Head to the Soho eatery and try the ‘Jax Cooler’ for £5.50, a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail with a vanilla twist.

British Luxury 5* hotel operator the Maybourne Hotel Group is the perfect fit for a premium product like Jax Coco. The group stocks the hydrating drink in the mini bars at iconic London venue, Claridges, allowing guests to enjoy Jax Coco from the comfort of their rooms.

Jax Coco, a hydrating 100% pure coconut water drink which provides a tasty alternative to water, is packed full of goodness for the body and soul. Produced in the Philippines from the finest coconuts, Jax Coco contains no added sugar or sweeteners and supports the immune system by removing toxins and increasing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. The stylish glass bottles of Jax Coco designed by Alasdhair Willis, husband to Stella McCartney, make Jax the perfect drink when dining out.

So what’s all the fuss about then? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Jax Coco – 0%

Aromas of light coconut on the nose, with a very soft offering on the palate. Aromatic flavours of coconut creates a creamy texture that short but refreshing.

So this versatile mixer has been promoted as not only a refreshing drink on its own, but also good enough to be a part of some of London’s elite cocktail menus. Well with recipes like this, I’m not surprised * –

Jax Cold Fashioned
Jax Cold Fashioned

Jax Cold Fashioned

Glass – 


Ingredients –

60 ml Jim Beam White Label
3 Dash Angostura Bitters
Jax Coco ice ball with coconut flakes

Method – 

Pour bitters into a boston glass and add a dash of plain water. Fill the glass with ice cubes and add Jim Beam, then stir. Strain into chilled coupette, then garnish with ice ball.

Who thought coconut could be used with a classic such as an Old Fashioned? If you like your coconut, it’s definitely worth a try, and i wouldn’t be surprised if you started to see this within your local bars. If it’s catching on in London, it’s on its way round the UK.

* Cocktail courtesy of Lifestyle Asia

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