Langley’s Brings Back A Classic With Old Tom Gin

Charter Brands is launching Langley’s Old Tom gin, reviving a classic style that offers the growing army of gin enthusiasts a different flavour profile in cocktails and mixed drinks. Langley’s Old Tom is Charter Brands’ first new product since the launch three years ago of the acclaimed and multiple award-winning Langley’s No.8 gin. Old TomContinue reading “Langley’s Brings Back A Classic With Old Tom Gin”


Langley’s recently expanded their range for the first time since their launch back in April 2013 with the addition of the Old Tom expression. It’s with this that it’s a good opportunity to re-visit one of the mainstays in the recent gin renaissance here in the UK. Langley’s Distillery was founded back in 1920 byContinue reading “Langley’s”