Here Is The World’s Best Aquavit Cocktail In 2018

Linie The Journey is an international cocktail competition where bartenders from throughout Europe compete for the prestigious first-place award. The international final was held on Monday, 27 August, at Ingierstrand Bad in Oslo. Linie The Journey The story of LINIE started in 1805 with the remarkable journey to Indonesia. It was then discovered that sailing aroundContinue reading “Here Is The World’s Best Aquavit Cocktail In 2018”

Lysholm No. 52

For those of you who may have read my feature on Linie, you’ll know that I have only really been introduced to the category of aquavit in the last 12 months. It’s a surprise then for me to realise that I’ve been missing out on something rather special, and I am excited to experience theirContinue reading “Lysholm No. 52”


Aquavit. Ever come across the name? It’s not the most common of spirit categories here in the UK compared to the likes of whisky, rum or gin, but if you’ve ever visited any part of Scandinavia you will have more than likely drank some form of aquavit, the local tipple of choice. Aquavit itself isContinue reading “Linie”