Malibu To Abolish Bar Queues

Pioneering drinks brand Malibu is aiming to consign bar queues to the history books, with the launch of a ground breaking cup that will bring club and festival goers’ drinks directly to them. Featuring state-of-the-art ‘internet of things’ technology, the new ‘Coco-nect’ cups send signals to bar staff every time a fresh drink is required.Continue reading “Malibu To Abolish Bar Queues”

Malibu Boosts #BecauseSummer With Kygo Partnership

Malibu is to launch a partnership with Kygo, one of the world’s leading dance music artists, at the Ultra Japan festival, Tokyo, this week. Malibu will be teaming up with Kygo at music events and venues around the world and also creating a special video edit for his new single ‘Carry Me’ featuring Malibu. TheContinue reading “Malibu Boosts #BecauseSummer With Kygo Partnership”

Malibu Gets Connected With Largest Global Execution Of ‘NFC’ Enabled Bottles

Malibu, the world’s No.1 coconut flavoured rum[1], is leading the way in the world of spirits innovation with the launch of its new ‘connected’ bottles. 45,000 Malibu bottles have been produced including an entirely app-less technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) to deliver content directly to a smartphone, and represent the largest global deployment everContinue reading “Malibu Gets Connected With Largest Global Execution Of ‘NFC’ Enabled Bottles”

MaliBOO Bring Toil And Trouble With These Halloween Inspired Cocktails

Add some summer spirit to your Halloween by mixing up some Mali-BOO cocktails for your parties. Malibu have pulled together a Malibu Monster Mash of spooky serves including some twists on some classics and new cocktails that could raise the dead. From Pina Ghoulada, to the signature #MaliBOO (made with the new Malibu and Mango cans)Continue reading “MaliBOO Bring Toil And Trouble With These Halloween Inspired Cocktails”

How To Celebrate National Pina Colada Day With Malibu

So it’s National Pina Colada Day on Thursday 10th July and the folks over at Malibu Rum have decided to embrace the spirit and go to town on the drink, bringing the Barbados vibes to the UK. Creating different variants from the classic colada to the Pina Co-lager they want to help you escape for aContinue reading “How To Celebrate National Pina Colada Day With Malibu”

Malibu Winter Tasting Notes

Malibu Winter (21%) is the new limited edition from the coconut loving people of Malibu and they’ve come out with a unique concept – coconut flakes! It’s a very good idea, and the bottle itself has a ‘window’ where you can see the coconut flakes floating inside! It’s like your very own snow globe! The spirit is theContinue reading “Malibu Winter Tasting Notes”

Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime Pre-mixer Tasting Notes

I was handed another pre-mixer a few days ago by a friend of mine after she learnt of my love for Southern Comfort. It comes mixed with lime and lemonade and at 5% I was expecting a similar experience as the Malibu & Cranberry pre-mix ( Upon opening the can, no distinct aromas came out, althoughContinue reading “Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime Pre-mixer Tasting Notes”

Pre-mixed Malibu & Cranberry Tasting Notes

I promised Malibu on there twitter feed I would try out some of their pre-mixed drinks that they offer so on a recent trip to the supermarket I bought a can of Malibu & Cranberry (£1.49). Having tasted my first pre-mixed drink only a few days ago (Jim Beam & Coke), I had high hopes for this version andContinue reading “Pre-mixed Malibu & Cranberry Tasting Notes”