Malibu To Abolish Bar Queues

image001Pioneering drinks brand Malibu is aiming to consign bar queues to the history books, with the launch of a ground breaking cup that will bring club and festival goers’ drinks directly to them.

Featuring state-of-the-art ‘internet of things’ technology, the new ‘Coco-nect’ cups send signals to bar staff every time a fresh drink is required. All customers have to do to place their order is twist the base of the special coconut-shaped vessel – ideal for Malibu-based cocktails – and then carry on talking, drinking or dancing while their drink is prepared and delivered straight to them.

Making clever use of existing WiFi and RFID technology, the Malibu Coco-nect cup is a drinks industry first, and is set to bring the ‘internet of things’ – a phrase used to describe everyday objects that have network connectivity – to clubs, bars and festivals in time for summer 2017.

Twisting the cup’s base sends an order to the bar at the same time as pinpointing the user’s location. Once the order has been accepted a light on the bottom of the vessel changes colour to let the partygoer know that their drink will soon be delivered to them, while a special app then helps bar staff find the customer. Once near, the vessel light starts flashing to identify the right recipient. The cup was developed in just 12 weeks by the Malibu brand team at The Absolut Company, working with innovative, internet-of-things agency SharpEnd.

“Traipsing to a crowded bar to face a lengthy queue for drinks can put a real dampener on many social get together, while our research shows that FOMO – or the ‘fear of missing out’ – can be a real frustration for young people who don’t want to miss out on the fun of the party,” explains Malibu’s joint Global Marketing Brand Manager, Deborah Nunez.
Added Hedda Helgesen, also Global Marketing Brand Manager: “Our new Coco-nect cups will mean they may never need to miss a single moment of fun again. We have successfully trialled 10 prototype cups this summer, and will be looking to roll them out commercially in time for next year’s summer festival season. We expect them to be a real hit.”

A video showing the Coco-nect cup in action is available here.

Malibu Boosts #BecauseSummer With Kygo Partnership


Malibu is to launch a partnership with Kygo, one of the world’s leading dance music artists, at the Ultra Japan festival, Tokyo, this week.

Malibu will be teaming up with Kygo at music events and venues around the world and also creating a special video edit for his new single ‘Carry Me’ featuring Malibu. The association with Kygo is seen as a perfect fit for Malibu’s Because Summer platform, with his videos and performances reflecting those moments when you feel you can do what you really want to, just because it’s summer.

“Kygo is phenomenally popular with our global audience of young fun starters and is a huge draw as a headliner at music festivals. We couldn’t be happier that Malibu is able to support Kygo,” said Colin Kavanagh, Malibu Global VP for Marketing. “He embodies everything that our Because Summer campaign is about and is a brilliant fit for Malibu. We’re so looking forward to working with him next year.”

Malibu isn’t waiting until then to get the Kygo party started though. To celebrate the launch of the partnership the brand is running a 48-hour online competition with Vice electronic music channel Thump, offering a roundtrip flight to Tokyo for the winner and a friend, a four-night stay at a 4-star resort in Tokyo, VIP access passes to the Ultra Japan festival and the ultimate Malibu exclusive, a private ‘meet and greet’ with Kygo before his set on September 17th. All consumers have to do is translate the title of Kygo’s latest release from the Japanese: お誕生日おめでとうございます.

“This is a fabulous prize,” added Kavanagh, “with the additional excitement that there’s only a 48 hour entry window and within days you could be whisked off to Tokyo to see and meet one of the world’s great tropical house music stars. Autumn may be approaching, but there’s still time to be that ‘summer you’ and enjoy some Malibu ‘Because Summer’ spontaneity.”

The competition is being promoted on the Vibe network and through social media platforms to consumers in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Spain, and is one of a number of ground-breaking marketing initiatives unveiled by Malibu this summer. “There is more to come,” said Kavanagh. “Malibu is a brand on the move.”

Malibu Gets Connected With Largest Global Execution Of ‘NFC’ Enabled Bottles

Malibu, the world’s No.1 coconut flavoured rum[1], is leading the way in the world of spirits innovation with the launch of its new ‘connected’ bottles. 45,000 Malibu bottles have been produced including an entirely app-less technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) to deliver content directly to a smartphone, and represent the largest global deployment ever of NFC on an alcohol product.

Embracing the brand’s Because Summer ethos, the ‘connected’ technology simply requires users to tap their NFC-enabled android phone onto the bottle’s Malibu sunset image to access content and prize draws instantly, delivering great summer moments and experiences. The result of the brand’s on-going partnership with creative agency SharpEnd, the initiative follows work undertaken at Malibu’s innovation lab in Stockholm to create a ‘connected’ bottles showcase, which has now led to the world’s very first pilot of its kind, to be trialled in the UK next month [September].

Embracing the technology, Malibu will be turning each bottle into a direct, digital touchpoint for consumers. ‘Tapping’ the iconic sunset logo on the Malibu bottle will open up a world of five digital Because Summer experiences – those moments when you feel you can do what you really want to, just because it’s summer – that consumers can access through their mobile browsers, including:
Instant-win competition: Tap to win UE Boom speakers
User-generated-content competition: a fabulous opportunity to win the ultimate summer holiday experience in Barbados
Bartender in a bottle: Malibu Because Summer drinks recipes
Bar locator: uses the consumer’s geo-location to find the nearest Malibu bar and alfresco drinking spots
Playlist: connects to Malibu Play on mix cloud to give playlists from Groove Armada, Marvin Humes, Clean Bandit and more to keep the Because Summer vibe going

Colin Kavanagh, Malibu Global VP for marketing, comments: “This is a huge world-first for Malibu and the wider alcohol sector, and reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries for Malibu in the digital arena. We are very excited that Malibu is the first spirits brand to bring this innovative technology to the forefront of the industry, and we look forward to rolling out the concept around the world.

“The initiative demonstrates our ‘Because Summer’ ethos, ensuring that our target audience of young-adult fun starters get the most out of their summer – whether that be a competition, drinks recipes or a playlist. We hope that the connected bottle helps Malibu fans to extend their summer celebrations in the UK, if only for a few days!”

Cameron Worth, Founder of SharpEnd comments: “Bottles are now media platforms, able to drive localised content that is defined by the market that sells the product and maintains the consumer relationship. Once the bottle becomes a media platform there are so many different things that can be delivered that are beneficial to shoppers. This provides an entirely new way to communicate with them and brings Malibu directly in front of its target audience, presenting the opportunity to drive brand loyalty through service delivery.”

The ‘connected’ bottles will be in-store in the UK, exclusively at Tesco, from the beginning of September. All bottles will have an accompanying neck-tag to provide the consumer with a clear explanation of the technology.

MaliBOO Bring Toil And Trouble With These Halloween Inspired Cocktails

Add some summer spirit to your Halloween by mixing up some Mali-BOO cocktails for your parties.

Malibu have pulled together a Malibu Monster Mash of spooky serves including some twists on some classics and new cocktails that could raise the dead.

From Pina Ghoulada, to the signature #MaliBOO (made with the new Malibu and Mango cans) and everything in between including the Monster Layer shot – they’ve got something to raise a fright on your Halloween night.

The Malibu & Mango can is available in ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, RRP £1.99


How To Celebrate National Pina Colada Day With Malibu


So it’s National Pina Colada Day on Thursday 10th July and the folks over at Malibu Rum have decided to embrace the spirit and go to town on the drink, bringing the Barbados vibes to the UK.

Creating different variants from the classic colada to the Pina Co-lager they want to help you escape for a day and embrace the summer spirit.
Below are a few variants on cocktails you can make and embrace, complete with appropriate cheeky soundtrack:

Malibu PinacolagaOr take a look at this tutorial of the Pina Colager if you wish.

Malibu Colada-Lada

Malibu Winter Tasting Notes

Malibu Winter Edition

Malibu Winter (21%) is the new limited edition from the coconut loving people of Malibu and they’ve come out with a unique concept – coconut flakes! It’s a very good idea, and the bottle itself has a ‘window’ where you can see the coconut flakes floating inside! It’s like your very own snow globe! The spirit is the same but as I haven’t reviewed Malibu as of yet, below are my tasting notes –

On the nose you get a mellow hit of coconut, whilst on the palate you receive a very sweet mix of fresh tropical fruits and coconut mixing together and forming a rather pleasant after-taste that doesn’t give that suspected ‘burn’. It’s very smooth and a little thicker than you may think, and with the added addition of the coconut flakes in this version, you get a little more Caribbean in your drink! The flakes themselves dissolve so there’s no clogging feel in your mouth which can put people off.

The back of the bottle recommends a Malibu Blizzard – 50ml Malibu Winter, 100ml lemon/lime soda and 10ml lemon juice which sounds like a winner, as well as a chilled shot on its own to get that ‘cool sensation’.

It’s a little bit more expensive than the original Malibu and is being sold exclusively at Selfridges for £18.50, but with the addition of coconut snowflakes, it’s a great conversation starter!

I’m going to save this bottle for the Christmas party this year, i think as a winter shot, it might go down well!

You can purchase a bottle of Malibu Winter Edition here –

Check out the Malibu site here –

Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime Pre-mixer Tasting Notes

I was handed another pre-mixer a few days ago by a friend of mine after she learnt of my love for Southern Comfort. It comes mixed with lime and lemonade and at 5% I was expecting a similar experience as the Malibu & Cranberry pre-mix (

Southern Comfort Lemonade & Lime Pre-mixer

Upon opening the can, no distinct aromas came out, although you may receive the obvious flavours of Southern Comfort and lime if you poured it into a glass. Tasting it though, SoCo is definitely there! If you had to do a blind tasting of pre-mixers, you’ll be kicking yourself if you got this wrong. The sweet spices and fruit hit you instantly with the lime lingering around and subtly mixing well. The low carbonated lemonade makes this a smooth beverage to have and gives that classic Southern Comfort after-taste, albeit a little dry. It’s not too strong on your senses but you don’t feel like you’ve been cheated out of anything like other pre-mixers can.

This would be great for a summer’s day drink, especially if poured into a lime rimmed glass to add some extra fresh flavour (and just look at the can! Strikingly better than the other pre-mixer can out there!).  Give it a try, I know I wouldn’t pass up on the opportunity if I saw it again.

Pre-mixed Malibu & Cranberry Tasting Notes

Malibu & Cranberry pre-mixed

I promised Malibu on there twitter feed I would try out some of their pre-mixed drinks that they offer so on a recent trip to the supermarket I bought a can of Malibu & Cranberry (£1.49). Having tasted my first pre-mixed drink only a few days ago (Jim Beam & Coke), I had high hopes for this version and at 5% it comes stronger than the JB too.

After opening the can you get the instant strong smell and aromas of Malibu and the cranberry sneaking in later, and with pouring into two glasses (i shared it with a friend to get a females perspective on what to me is seen as more a lady style drink) an intense red/purple colour, not your traditional cranberry colour. Once in the glass the aromas we had when i first opened the can were nowhere to be seen, which was a bit disappointing, but it may also be due to the fact the open glass releases a lot more than a can would.

The taste was surprisingly ok, not as strong as i thought it might have been but you could definitely tell the Malibu is there. Unfortunately, after the first few tastes my palate got used to the taste of Malibu a little too quickly and  i finished it wondering if I’d drank all the Malibu at the beginning. Don’t let that put you off though, a refreshing mouth-watering aftertaste will get you finishing the can fairly quickly and I would recommend for a pre-party drink due to the price and the attraction of you can drink it quickly due to it being still instead of carbonated.  If your thinking of having it in a glass i may recommend adding some fresh limes like your traditional Malibu and mixer drink.

Now to try there pre-mixed cocktail pouches, an eye catching find in the pre mixed section!