Piccini Taps Into Demand For Prosecco With New Sparkling Wine


Much-loved Italian wine brand, Piccini, launches its new 1882 spumante sparkling wine to offer the UK an affordable alternative to Prosecco.

As demand for Prosecco continues to soar and rumours of a potential ‘Prosecco shortage’ continue, 1882 has been innovatively produced with a blend of 75% prosecco (glera) grapes and 25% Chardonnay grapes to offer an equally delicious taste profile to the popular Italian sparkling variety. With an accessible introductory price offer of £6.50, 1882 allows Italian bubbles to be enjoyed at any occasion. 

Cultivated in the cool climate and sea-fossil soils of Triveneto, including the traditional prosecco regions of Veneto and Fruili, Piccini retains its authentic Italian roots in winemaking by using the traditional Charmat production method to give 1882 its uniquely delicate fizz.

Undeniably fruity, with zesty citrus and tropical fruit flavours, 1882 is the perfect accompaniment for dishes such as succulent seared scallops, grilled fish and chicken salads.

Named after the year the Piccini family first began wine production, the launch of 1882 continues to establish Piccini as an innovative, exciting Italian brand that combines authenticity and heritage with industry innovation.

Available from Sainsbury’s with an ongoing RRP of £9.00.

1882 OFFERS (available exclusively at Sainsbury’s):

Currently on offer until the 28th of October at £7.00 a bottle.
From the 28th of October for 3 weeks, 1882 will be on offer, 2 bottles for £14.00.
From the 9th of December for another 3 weeks, 1882 will be on offer, 2 bottles for £14.00.

Trooper Gets New UK National Beer Listing With Sainsbury’s


Robinsons Brewery today announced a new supermarket listing for their fastest selling ale: Sainsbury’s will be stocking TROOPER nationally in just under 300 of their stores across the country!
This announcement follows the recent breaking news that Robinsons have now exported over one million pints of TROOPER worldwide; now taking the total number of pints sold globally to over 2.5 million pints since its launch on 9th May.
As UK beer in general struggles to raise the bar, with sales dropping by nearly 5 per cent this year, worldwide demand for TROOPER ale has both stunned and delighted regional family brewers Robinsons.

Robinsons Managing Director (Beer Division) Oliver Robinson commented: “Establishing a new beer in the UK alone is a long and difficult process but we feel that with two national listings in two of Britain’s favourite supermarkets, and export orders with over 30 countries worldwide, in just six months, we are off to a great start.”

According to Peter Walshe, global Brands Director at Millward Brown, there are three things that drive a brand to be successful: being meaningful, salient and different… TROOPER is certainly a brand that ticks all three of these desired boxes; having a healthy mix of both emotional and rational appeal, being perceived not only as unique but as somewhat of a trend-setter, and most importantly it meets the consumer needs.

Robinsons Director of Marketing, David Bremner, explains why he thinks TROOPER is succeeding where others miss the mark:

“Distinctiveness and authenticity is really important for us. If you look at the British beer market generally, it can be quite homogenous; although things are starting to change. TROOPER has more to it than just taste it has its own unique character and personality that fans buy into, and this has been backed up by a complete marketing strategy utilizing tools such as social media to really drive interest around the brand. TROOPER not only appeals to fans of Iron Maiden, it is appealing to a new group of customers who will try traditional British beer perhaps for the first time. On top of that, rather than appearing gimmicky, we are raising the profile of Robinsons and perhaps all traditional British brewers.”

TROOPER can be found on Sainsbury’s shelves as of today!

Have Christmas All Wrapped-Up This Year With Zubrowka

Zubrowka Christmas

Buying the perfect gift for Christmas suddenly got a whole lot easier with Zubrowka, the original bison grass vodka, today unveiling a captivating new jacket just in time for the festive season.

Featuring the beautiful artwork of acclaimed artist Kristjana S Williams the jacket will provide a unique touch to festive shoppers looking for the ultimate vodka-drinker’s gift, and inspire them to celebrate this special time of year.

The jacket and bottle will be available from mid-November exclusively at high-end retailers and supermarkets, including Harvey Nichols and Sainbury’s, at an RRP of ?19.95.

Hayley Aldous, Senior Brand Manager, said: “We’re excited to release this brand new jacket in time for Christmas. Using Kristjana’s enchanting artwork, we have created a unique jacket that will hopefully capture the attention of festive shoppers, and undoubtedly, fans of Zubrowka.”

For more information on Zubrowka, visit: http://www.zubrowka.co.uk / http://www.facebook.com/zubrowkauk / Twitter: @ZubrowkaUK

Russian Standard Vodka Offers Sainsbury’s Customers A Free Russian Mule Copper Mug With Every Purchase



Launching today, Russian Standard Vodka will be offering customers the opportunity to claim a free Russian Mule copper mug when purchasing a 70cl bottle of Russian Standard Original*. The offer is available to customers of participating Sainsbury’s stores across the UK* and runs until 23 July 2013. More information on Russian Standard Vodka’s Sainsbury’s promotion is available on the official Russian Standard Facebook page.

Breaking the mould of traditional promotional products, Russian Standard Vodka’s copper mugs are heavy weight drinking vessels that feature a copper-plated exterior and stainless steel interior. This robust design and premium quality is synonymous with Russian Standard and means that customers’ Russian Mule cocktails stay colder for much longer. The mugs have become a highly sought after product amongst celebrities and socialites and are rarely made available to the general public on such a broad basis.

The Russian Standard copper mugs recently made the headlines when they featured at Sam and Isabella Branson’s wedding party, which was attended by UK and international friends and family. Russian Standard Vodka provided over 400 copper mugs as gifts to the party with not a single one being left behind.

* Offer is for one copper mug per purchase, while stocks last.
* Offer not available in Scotland

Fentimans & Bloom Gin & Tonic Tasting Notes

bloom and fentimans g&t


Award-winning BLOOM London Dry Gin has joined forces with the acclaimed Fentimans, combining their expertise in the blending and sourcing of the finest botanicals from around the world to create a perfect Gin & Tonic cocktail. Launching in Sainsbury’ across the UK at £3.99, Fentimans and BLOOM have crafted a perfectly balanced, perfectly blended premium cocktail to enjoy at home or on the go. Presented in the classic Fentimans curved glass bottle, savour the taste of the delicate and floral BLOOM London Dry Gin with the distinctive herbal and plant root notes of Fentimans Botanically Brewed Tonic Water.


Recognised for their respective brewing and distilling expertise and craftsmanship, Fentimans Master Brewer and BLOOM’s Master Distiller came together to create a Gin & Tonic of superior distinction. Using over 250 years of distilling expertise, BLOOM Master Distiller Joanne Moore created a delicate London Dry Gin using a selection of unique, natural botanicals inspired by England’s renowned country gardens, including honeysuckle, pomelo and chamomile. The honeysuckle gives a candied fruit sweetness balanced by the citrus aroma of pomelo, the chamomile imparts a feather-like softness of floral notes to create a lighter gin-drinking experience. Established in 1905, Fentimans continue to champion their century old brewing methods to create their renowned Fentimans Tonic Water. Rich in juniper, the woody aromas and distinctive quinine notes of Fentimans Tonic Water perfectly complement the floral notes of BLOOM London Dry Gin. BLOOM Master Distiller Joanne Moore says “Thisis an exciting launch for us and a wonderful way to showcase how BLOOM can be enjoyed with ease without compromising on quality.”


For a very British twist on this classic serve, quarter 3 strawberries and add to an ice filled glass before serving. The subtle sweetness of the strawberries is perfectly complemented by the honeysuckle notes of BLOOM whilst being balanced by the light citrus notes of pomelo and quinine flavours of the tonic.

So how does this new expression fare? Well below I give to you my tasting notes –

Fentimans & Bloom Gin & Tonic – 6.5%

A traditional aroma of lemons creates a dry nose, and become slightly bitter on the palate. Although it mellows rather quickly and burst a little with a freshness of a honey flavour that sticks around with the dry texture. Short however.