Hoptimum Prime Roll’s Out’ To Pubs

Hoptimum Prime pump clipHoptimum Prime, Robinsons’ spring seasonal ale, has ‘rolled out’ across the country. This carefully crafted 4.1% ABV amber ale has returned and is exclusively available to pubs until the end of April.

Returning for a second year, this delicious quaffable brew exhibits a rich array of malt flavours which are complimented by a crisp, dry finish. Brewed using only the finest British hops and barley malts, the unique flavour of Hoptimum Prime changes as each individual ingredient combines to tease your taste buds and satisfy all of your hoppy needs.

Hoptimum Prime has been going down a storm with drinkers, selling over 66,000 pints in a single month and becoming Robinsons 4th best-selling ale for March, chasing the heels of their beer champions: TROOPER, Unicorn and Dizzy Blonde.

Hoptimum Prime is available nationally via listings with Heineken, Carlsberg and Punch, and regionally via selective Robinsons’ pubs across Cheshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Wales and Staffordshire. Available only until the end of April – so get it while you can

Simon Rimmer Hosts Man v Food: Round 2 At Robinsons Brewery

Robinsons Man v Food 2

Following a gruelling first round, TV Chef and restaurateur Simon Rimmer returns to Robinsons Brewery on Friday 7th March to host an ample second serving of Man vs. Food.

This belly busting event, inspired by the hit US series ‘Man V Food’, pits 50 competitors against each other in a race against time to consume an offensively huge dish.

Perfectly timed for Great British Pie Week, Simon Rimmer and Robinsons Development chef Christian Whittleworth have upped the ante for Round Two. The previous 30 minute time limit has been devilishly cut in half leaving only 15 minutes to defeat the best that the Great North Pie Company has to offer; a mouth-watering selection of pies designed to stretch your stomach and taste buds to the limit.

“We’ve devised a menu that will push our competitors to the absolute limit” said Simon. “In Round One we saw seven competitors walk away with the win; but I would be highly surprised if anyone can overcome the colossal challenge we have in store. Something tells me this next round will truly separate the men from the boys! It’s a great excuse to celebrate the Great British Pie during British Pie week.”

The challenge will consist of four different pies: a giant Great Northern meat pie, a luscious Lancashire cheese and onion, a fiery chilli-tom-carne pie made with Robinsons legendary Old Tom Ale and a delicious chicken and ale pie made with another Robinsons favourite: Dizzy Blonde. Food combatants will also have to contend with a punishing pint of mash potato and a pint of peas.

On completion of the gargantuan challenge, the successful elite will get their meal for free; complete with a unique, money can’t buy, winners t-shirt. The fastest to clean their plate will also win their own height in beer.

The event takes place on Friday 7th March 2014 at Robinsons Visitors Centre in Stockport. Tickets are available from £10 per person with competitor and spectator places available. Spectators can scoff a regular sized version of the challenge menu for no extra cost (and with no time limit).

To book tickets call 0161 612 4100 or email events@frederic-robinson.co.uk

Simon Rimmer Hosts Man vs Food At Robinsons Brewery

Simon Rimmer

The American cult culinary TV series, ‘Man V Food’, has fast become a worldwide cultural touchstone, but how did local contestants cope with the mammoth meat feat dished up by Robinsons Visitors Centre in Stockport?!?

On Tuesday the 17th December, Celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer put his wooden spoon aside for a front row seat at Robinsons’ gastronomic marathon. Inspired by the hit US series ‘Man V Food’, the premise of the event was disarmingly simple: eat everything in sight!

Gastro belts were loosened, stretched, and eventually engulfed as Simon Rimmer, Robinsons’ Catering Development Manager Christian Whittleworth, and the rest of the Robinsons Visitors Centre A-team served up a ‘challenge’ of colossal proportions for 50 allegedly insatiable men and women, plus 80 ‘spectators’ who enjoyed ‘regular’ portions of food.

Each of the stalwart contenders had just 30 minutes in which to consume an offensively huge dish designed to stretch their stomachs and taste buds to the limit: sporting a gargantuan 18oz burger the size of a sofa cushion served on brioche and topped with bacon, cheese, caramelised onions, chilli mayo, pickles and BBQ pulled pork… served with a side order of fries, coleslaw and salad leaves (for the health conscious!), washed down with a chilli laced pint of Robinsons real ale and cooled down with an ice cream made from – yes, you guessed it – chillies!

Simon RimmerNeedless to say … they came, they saw, they were conquered!! Of the 50 competitors that took part, only seven men were left standing. These food champions received their dinner for free plus a bespoke winner’s T-shirt. Food had the last laugh as these defeated men and women were served up a divine final course of instant, unexpected pregnancy … AKA … the food baby from hell!

Ballooned bellies aside, this was a truly fantastic event which brought the entire community out of their homes and into Robinsons recently launched Visitors Centre – a fantastic and very unique event venue.

Commenting on the event, Simon Rimmer said: “when we devised the menu I thought the heat was going to be the thing that got them and the power of the chillies but no one seemed to be particularly phased by that. I think what really got them was the combination of carbohydrates that killed them. All the guys who finished had good tactics – they didn’t stop. Adam (Richman) always says that with the big eating challenges you’ve got to keep going the digestive system going because the minute you stop the body goes into lockdown.”

When asked if Simon would ever do this he said: “never! I just don’t know how anyone does it; I admire everyone sat around this table that did it. Just the sight of it makes me feel slightly nauseous.”

The US series of ‘Man V Food’ may be no more, but perhaps a revival of this excessive extravaganza may be on the cards at Robinsons Visitors Centre in the voracious town of Stockport.

Since opening its doors in March 2013, Robinsons Visitors Centre has hosted a range of events from beer and food matching to BBQs, breakfast meetings to bespoke conference banqueting.

To snap up tickets for the next line-up of unique events hosted at Robinsons Visitors Centre please visit http://www.robinsonsvisitorscentre.co.uk , email events@frederic-robinson.co.uk or call 0161 612 4100. And don’t forget to follow the new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/visitrobinsonsbrewery

Trooper Gets New UK National Beer Listing With Sainsbury’s


Robinsons Brewery today announced a new supermarket listing for their fastest selling ale: Sainsbury’s will be stocking TROOPER nationally in just under 300 of their stores across the country!
This announcement follows the recent breaking news that Robinsons have now exported over one million pints of TROOPER worldwide; now taking the total number of pints sold globally to over 2.5 million pints since its launch on 9th May.
As UK beer in general struggles to raise the bar, with sales dropping by nearly 5 per cent this year, worldwide demand for TROOPER ale has both stunned and delighted regional family brewers Robinsons.

Robinsons Managing Director (Beer Division) Oliver Robinson commented: “Establishing a new beer in the UK alone is a long and difficult process but we feel that with two national listings in two of Britain’s favourite supermarkets, and export orders with over 30 countries worldwide, in just six months, we are off to a great start.”

According to Peter Walshe, global Brands Director at Millward Brown, there are three things that drive a brand to be successful: being meaningful, salient and different… TROOPER is certainly a brand that ticks all three of these desired boxes; having a healthy mix of both emotional and rational appeal, being perceived not only as unique but as somewhat of a trend-setter, and most importantly it meets the consumer needs.

Robinsons Director of Marketing, David Bremner, explains why he thinks TROOPER is succeeding where others miss the mark:

“Distinctiveness and authenticity is really important for us. If you look at the British beer market generally, it can be quite homogenous; although things are starting to change. TROOPER has more to it than just taste it has its own unique character and personality that fans buy into, and this has been backed up by a complete marketing strategy utilizing tools such as social media to really drive interest around the brand. TROOPER not only appeals to fans of Iron Maiden, it is appealing to a new group of customers who will try traditional British beer perhaps for the first time. On top of that, rather than appearing gimmicky, we are raising the profile of Robinsons and perhaps all traditional British brewers.”

TROOPER can be found on Sainsbury’s shelves as of today!

Soldiers Swap Armed Service For Kitchen Service

Simon Rimmer

On the 15th November, 3 Soldiers from 156 Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, swapped serving their country for the evening and instead served up a gourmet delight for guests at Robinsons Visitors Centre in aid of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

Hosted by celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, the event – which included a 3-course sit down meal put together by Simon Rimmer, Warrant Officer Chris Green, Lance Corporal Stuart Graham and Private Clare Sampson – sold out within a matter of hours. £10 from every £25 ticket, together with funds from a ‘win your height in beer’ competition, was donated directly to The Soldiers’ Charity raising over £1100 in total.

The Soldiers’ Charity, formally known as the Army Benevolent Fund, is a charity that supports all soldiers, former soldiers and their families in times of need. Set up in 1944, The Soldiers’ Charity gives half of their money direct to helping individuals in areas such as debt relief, mobility assistance, education bursaries, care home fees and respite breaks.

After opening the evening, Simon Rimmer handed over to Andy Reid, a spokesman and ambassador for the ABF. Andy lost both his legs and his right arm from an improvised explosive device whilst serving in Afghanistan. Remarkably, he spent only two weeks in hospital being treated for his injuries. The Soldiers Charity gave an immediate grant to pay for alterations to Andy’s home to ensure that Andy, his wife Claire and son William could live a normal life.

Andy recounted the heart breaking story of his injury to guests attending the sold out event at Robinsons Visitors Centre. Showing his positivity and courage he stated that “he had no regrets about serving his country” resulting in a roaring ovation.

Speaking about the event itself, Andy commented: “It was an absolutely amazing night. It’s great to see a British family company such as Robinsons supporting injured soldiers and their families. Coming here to speak about my experiences has been great because it’s important to get the message of the charity across and explain how it’s helped me personally.”

The evening came to a close with entertainment and several prizes awarded. Attendees had the opportunity to win their ‘own height in beer’ along with Simon Rimmer’s signed chef whites and exclusive golden tickets for a very special Robinsons brewery tour.

“It was a superb evening,” said Captain Graham Dowling, a long serving member of the armed forces, “it is a humbling experience to see that Robinsons and so many people are prepared to support this worthwhile charity. The ABF supports soldiers from all walks of life including regular and reserve soldiers; it’s great to see the likes of Simon Rimmer throwing their considerable weight to back the charity too.”

Commenting on the event, Simon Rimmer said: “I’m a huge supporter of the armed forces and was very proud to cook alongside some of the men and women who have unhesitatingly served our nation whenever the call has come.”

Since opening its doors in March 2013, Robinsons Visitors Centre has hosted a range of events from beer and food matching to BBQs, breakfast meetings to bespoke banqueting, gourmet nights to Man vs. Food.

To snap up tickets for the next line-up of unique events hosted at Robinsons Visitors Centre please visit http://www.robinsonsvisitorscentre.co.uk or call 0161 612 4100. And don’t forget to follow the new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/visitrobinsonsbrewery

Robinsons Launch Hospitality Apprenticeships!


Robinsons has announced plans to launch a series of apprenticeships, in partnership with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and quality assured professional training providers Charnwood, to meet the needs of modern retailing. The Cheshire brewery has spent the last 12 months developing the offer with licensees and will aim to have 130 candidates on the programme by the middle of 2014.

“The first thing we did was ask licensees is what sort of staff development would be most useful to them,” Director of Marketing David Bremner told us, “and the response was consistent; bar staff service skills, chef development and assistant managers. We then met with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and their support has been overwhelming including them funding a consultant for 18 months to get the whole programme up and running and cost neutral. When I meet with colleagues in other regional brewers they are amazed at the support we have had and the way the rules have been adapted to meet the needs of our sector. The Bii too, could not have been more supportive and we are jointly developing plans for the next phase.”

Apprenticeship consultant Beverley Ashton has run focus groups with licensees, co-ordinated with other local pub companies and regional brewers. She has also run the tender process to narrow down the 29 training providers to Charnwood who will provide the training for those in the hospitality sector in the North West who wish to join with Robinsons.

“Charnwood’s pedigree came shining through and they have img0075some great people ready to get started on this,” commented Beverley. “We have also bolted on some additional qualifications to add a PLUS to our apprenticeships. There is extra training on Customer Services as we all agreed this is crucial these days, as well as a wine qualification and a personal licence. We have 24 Robinsons apprentices ready to start from just 16 pubs visited so far and we are sure we are going to hit all the targets the Chamber have set us – we even have new licensees who are signing up to get themselves extra training post-induction.”

Initially Robinsons will offer two level two cooking apprenticeships, a level 2 for front of House (Bii licensed hospitality)and a level 3 for management who wish to progress. All courses are expected to take 12 months to complete and are fully funded through GM Chamber EOS (Employer Ownership of Skills) for participating licensees and candidates. Licensees will play a mentoring role with the on-site training being delivered by Charnwood via monthly visits to the pubs.

“There are so many apprenticeships it can be quite confusing,” David explained, “we have started with five to simplify things but we see this as a real career in hospitality and we hope to eventually take some apprentices through to degree level. Working with the Bii and Charnwood we will continually adapt our offering to keep it fresh and relevant. We will be running normal one day and two day courses too for other training needs but this is all part of a bigger process to really raise the bar in the North West for a pub company, brewer, restaurant, hotel or bar that is interested.”

9997037_xxlThis approach has also attracted the interest of local MPs and David has explained to them the historical difficulties in becoming involved due to the mass of red tape. “We really think we have something here which could be taken to other regions of the country and prove equally successful. Those involved love what we do – running pubs and bars and we want to see the next generation viewing this as a career decision with clear development opportunities and not just a temporary position.”

With around 340 pubs, Robinsons has a vested interest in delivering distinctive training opportunities to young people wishing to work in the hospitality industry in the North West.

“Too often hospitality is overlooked as an industry with progression possibilities,” explains David, “these new apprenticeship schemes will help young people learn skills and responsibilities that will facilitate their next step up the career ladder.”

Testimonial: “We’ve had great success investing in training for our team. We currently have 3 of our 6 chefs and 2 of our FOH team on Apprentice Training Programmes. For me, there are two major benefits for training – lower staff turnover and being attractive as an employer. Not only do we get the best members of staff, we retain them as well. As a business the most fundamental value is ‘Consistently Top Notch Customer Service’ – a stable, high performing team helps us to achieve this.”
Martin Barnes the George & Dragon, Holmes Chapel, bronze winner of Best Pub and Customer Service Award 2013 – Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival

For further information contact Beverley Ashton on 07814 763234 or email apprenticeships@frederic-robinson.co.uk
*Conditions apply

Robinsons’ Ginger Tom Named The ‘Worlds Best Herb And Spice Beer’

old tom ginger

Robinsons Brewery, based in Stockport, has achieved the coveted Gold mark at the World Beer Awards 2013 for its Ginger Tom ale.

After winning the regional heat held in Europe, Ginger Tom – a richly flavoured dark oak coloured ale with distinctive aromas of peppery spice and sweet ginger – has beaten strong competition from beers across the globe to take the title ‘The World’s Best Herb & Spice Beer 2013’.

Following four rounds of judging, over 600 entries – from more than 30 countries all over the world including the US, Canada, Germany, France and Japan – were blind-tasted by a panel of carefully selected judges under the guidance of respected beer writer and journalist Roger Protz in the annual World Beer Awards.

First held in 2007, this International tasting competition continues to draw worldwide recognition from the beer industry, attracting an extraordinary number of high calibre entries from all over the planet. Organised by http://www.tastingbeers.com, the World Beer Awards is the pre-eminent showcase which tastes, selects, awards and promotes the ‘Best Beers in the World’ to consumers throughout the world.

The award tops off a very busy and successful year for the brewery, now in its 175th year of trade.

Oliver Robinson, Managing Director (Beer Division) of Robinsons Brewery, said: “To think that a speciality ale, brewed by a family brewery from the small market town of Stockport, can beat competition from all over the world is incredible.”

“The brewery has been very busy and it is a great pat on the back for the whole team and something we can all be very proud of,” continued Oliver.

Competing with the best beers in the world, Robinsons’ Ginger Tom – a hybrid of Old Tom (100 year old which gained worldwide recognition in 2009 as ‘The World’s Best beer’) and Fentiman’s award-winning Ginger Beer – is being lapped up internationally by Russia, Denmark, France, Lithuania, Japan, Italy, Sweden, South Africa, America.

Specially brewed using an infusion of Chinese bruised ginger root and botanical extracts, this warming speciality ale has a pronounced ginger and spiced herb palate complemented by a sweet roasted malt dryness and wonderful ginger after-burn.

Brewed since 2008, Ginger Tom is a lively 6.0% abv breed available in bottle. A subtle snap of ginger creates lovely purring warmth for those cold winter nights, or a refreshing summer beverage when served over ice.

The beer has been recognised before; gaining a bronze in the International Beer Challenge 2011, being named as Europe’s Best Herb & Spice Flavoured Beer 2013, and Ginger Tom has also recently received 60 new store listings in Tesco.

Beer Driving 14% Sales Swing for British Pubs

TROOPER Beer Driving 14% Sales Swing for British Pubs


Three months after launching a new 4.8% beer with Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, Robinsons Brewery and its pubs are already seeing the effect that TROOPER and its loyal fans can have on beer sales… a 14%+ effect to be exact.


Trooper pump clip“When we launched TROOPER we decided to give 20 Robinsons pubs an exclusive VIP cask night ‘ahead of the rest’” explains Robinsons’ new Operations Director Dave Harrison.  “The feedback from the pubs was phenomenal- they found that as soon as they put the ‘coming soon’ message on A-boards, posters and websites locally, word spread rapidly and we genuinely had the trade of a busy bank holiday on the 9th May.”


Since then, the impact has been even more noticeable.  Recent results show that within the Robinsons estate beer sales of the pubs that have listed this beer are 14% ahead of those which have not.  “This has focussed our attention to say the least,” continued Dave, “we need to make sure that when a pub has at least 4 hand-pulls on the bar that one of them is TROOPER.  The ironmaidenbeer.com website then shows the pub on a stockist map and we use Facebook to tell the fans where to find it.

TROOPER dominated Facebook as ‘No 1 most liked beer’ and already has well over 60,000 followers making it one of the most followed ales in the UK.”


At a pub level some of the feedback is astonishing. “We had one customer fly over from Canada to drink the beer at The Castle in Manchester and then fly back,” Dave explained.

“People are making a conscious effort to get off trains near our pubs like the Black Horse in Preston to drink the beer before getting back on to continue on their journey from London to Glasgow.  We’ve had customers travelling from Devizes to drink the beer and liking it so much they have booked a holiday near our pubs and dozens more stories from our licensees- astonished at how one beer can make such a difference.”


The beer has also had a great impact on demand at the brewery.  “In short we are brewing twice as much beer as we were before TROOPER was launched on May 9th and our new £5m brew house is coping nicely,” commented Managing Director Oliver Robinson. “We have never been busier in terms of brewing in our 175 year history. And it’s making a real difference to our pub sales which is fantastic.”

“The beer itself is really very good in terms of quality and taste and hence repeat purchases are high.  It is the fastest selling beer Morrisons have ever listed and we now have distribution in Carlsberg, Heineken, Enterprise, Spirit and Punch as well as our own customers.”


Robinsons’ message to potential customers is simple: “TROOPER beer is great and the brewery to – pubs just need to list it and most importantly tell their customers about it – in the pubs, via www.ironmaiden.com and Facebook.  The results are pretty consistent- as a licensee you’re going to do well.  In fact, 14% better than the rest in our experience.”

Robinsons ‘Trooper’ Review

Bruce pulling first pint _9731

The launch of a product can sometimes have little or no fan fare, but one that can break landmarks is a launch worth talking about. A collaboration between Robinsons Brewery and Iron Maiden has done just that, creating an unheard of demand of 300,000 pints pre-ordered. So much so that for the first time in Robinsons history they had to brew three times a day, six days a week! You don’t half become intrigued to find out more when you hear facts like this. Luckily, I was one of the select few to be invited to the launch on Thursday within the Robinsons Brewery and their new visitors centre. Around 100 brew trade representatives not only from the UK but also from countries such as the USA, Sweden and Germany descended upon the Iron Maiden branded bar to see lead singer Bruce Dickinson pull the ceremonial first pint.

Not before he gave a personal tour first.

Bruce Dickinson with Oliver Robinson
Bruce Dickinson with Oliver Robinson

Walking through the brewery, he explained his vision and collaboration step-by-step, finishing in himself receiving his own hand pull, complete with the Trooper pump clip with the bands mascot ‘Eddie’, awarding the ‘Fastest Ever Selling New Robinsons Beer’ once back in the bar. After Bruce had given a short acceptance speech (so to speak), the first pint of Trooper was pulled amidst cheers and applause. Being 2pm, we were a full hour ahead of the specially selected 30 Robinson pubs that would be able to sell Trooper to the public, creating the event just that little bit more special.

To finish the launch, a VIP question and answer session was conducted in a cordoned off bar where we were able to ask Bruce questions regarding his motives, inspiration and future.

The collaboration started with a meet in London between Bruce and Head Brewer Martyn Weeks. A blind tasting of 10 bottled beers gave Bruce his first inspiration into the style and finish he was after, whittling it down to three and opting for Bobec, Goldings and Cascade hops. Using his idea of creating a beer that you can enjoy time and time again, and going off the repeated visits to the bar by most of the crowd, I’d say Bruce is onto a winner with Trooper. He even hints that this may not be the last as he mentions that he’s found the experience most enjoyable.

Would be a talking point seeing ‘Fear of the Dark’ being added to the portfolio!

Back to Trooper itself, how does it fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Trooper – 4.8%

Fresh, soft malt with citrus dicing through near the end. Well-balanced onto the palate, edging more onto the malt, creating a mouth-watering effect that lingers with subtle hops. Long.

A great ale, one that really hits Bruce’s idea of a sessionable beer. It’s being rolled out to all the Robinsons pubs as we speak, with it also available online and soon in your locals.

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Simon Rimmer’s ‘A Beer To Go With . . .’ Range Tasting Notes


Simon Rimmer

Recently I’ve featured one of Stockport’s little treasures in Robinson’s Brewery, and in the past few weeks, they’ve released information on two new collaborations – Iron Maiden’s ‘Trooper‘ and local celebrity chef Simon Rimmer’s ‘A Beer To Go With . . .’ range. As a huge fan of Iron Maiden, I’ve been rather looking forward to getting my taste buds around their finished ale, but the more intriguing concept came in form of seeing the words curry, chicken and steak stamped on a bottle.

Yes, you did read that right, the Cheshire born maestro has created three beers that have been designed to be drunk alongside three classic items of food. A good idea, and one that could appeal to many a consumer, not only at home, but in restaurants and bars too. Wanting to create something simple and innovative, Simon sampled a range of Robinsons’ ales to shortlist his preferred style of beer, taste and colour before deciding on three distinctive styles to go perfectly with each dish. With this in mind, and to get the best out of the three beers, I not only tasted them separately, but I also created the simple dish it is required to be paired with to see if they really did work well together. So below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Curry – 5%

A golden lager, the nose gave a ripe, fresh lemon aroma whilst the palate enjoyed a crisp, sweet flavour with a lingering freshness. With Kashmiri butter chicken curry, it became very smooth with a crisp tingle on the tongue and a slight dryness near the end. Lemon lingers both times.

Simon RimmerSimon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Steak – 4.4%

A ruby red ale, a rich roasted aroma on the nose with hints of dried chocolate slowly following. The palate enjoys a very light, rather hoppy feel with fresh citrus flavours. With Jim Beam marinated rump steak (medium rare), the malts blended well with the Jim Beam bourbon flavours, and created a long flavour profile of chocolate and toffee, with the citrus creating a slight sharp ending.

Simon Rimmer Presents A Beer To Go With Chicken – 4%

A golden ale, a rather soft corn scent on the nose, but develops into a zest dominated finish. Instant fizz on the palate, light with a crisp refreshing finish. Slight bitterness. With chicken pieces drizzled with mushroom and onion sauce, the chicken developed more flavour alongside the citrus zest, with the bitterness slightly counteracting the sauce to create a well-balanced feel.

I’ve only ever tried one craft beer produced specifically to match food, so with high expectations, Simon’s onto a winner. With three well adapted beers, two ales and one lager, and being able to match three rather British dishes, he’s somehow managed to tick all the boxes. I deviated away from Simon’s food recommendations, and treated each as I would if I had picked them up from a supermarket. Throwing a simple dish together really challenges the conception of the beers, but it still works. And works well.

Available in his two restaurants, Green’s and Earl, as well as from Robinson’s itself for the time being, Simon has made his range rather exclusive, but also worth it. If I had never had the chance to try the range first-hand, I would still be intrigued to taste, and maybe even try to prove him wrong.

A simple collaboration, with a fantastic outcome. Experiment and give them all a go.

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