New Caribbean Inspired Bar and Café to Open in South Manchester

Marigot Bay Bar & Cafe Logo#BeInspired

A new Caribbean inspired venue is to open within King’s Court of Altrincham, South Manchester on July 20th, 2018.

Dave Marsland of Drinks Enthusiast Ltd has chosen the attractive leisure and office complex of King’s Court and its secluded courtyard off one of the main streets of the Cheshire town as the home of his first bar and café. Marigot Bay Bar & Café, named after Marigot Bay of St Lucia in the Caribbean, is the creation of several years of inspiration and experiences, finally coming together to offer South Manchester a bar and café that takes you through the many tropical islands via chilled island beers, tropical cocktails and some of the finest Caribbean coffee and cocoa available.

With the walls adorned with memorabilia picked up from Dave’s travels to the Caribbean, including Marigot Bay itself, Marigot Bay Bar & Café re-creates the tranquil, relaxing experience of the bay, located on the western coast of Saint Lucia and surrounded on three sides by steep, forested hills with the inland portion of the bay forming a hurricane hole used to shelter boats from hurricanes. It’s here that it’s famous for its calming waters and palm tree lined beaches that offer a quiet escape from the hustle of city life. It’s this that Dave has re-created, meaning low ambient and traditional Caribbean radio, a focus on traditional drink serves and attentive table service.

Marigot Bay Bar & Café has a capacity of 30 seating, with a first-come-first-serve policy during its hours of operation. Open from Wednesday to Sunday, Marigot Bay Bar & Café focuses on Caribbean origins, including a selection of beers such as Banks of Barbados and Carib of Trinidad and Tobago, coffee sourced from the famous Blue Mountain region of Jamaica and a selection of rum and rhums from across the Caribbean islands, including Chairman’s Reserve of St Lucia, Foursquare of Barbados, Appleton Estate of Jamaica, Havana Club of Cuba and Rhum Clément of Martinique.

Chairman's Reserve

There’s also a focus on the traditional rum serves found on the islands themselves, including the Pusser’s Painkiller, known as the “Official Cocktail of the British Virgin Islands”, Havana Club’s original Cuban Mojito and Gosling’s Black Seal, the tempest in Bermuda’s favourite cocktail the Dark ‘n Stormy. The menu is coupled with a selection of non-rum favourites that can be found on the bars across the Caribbean too, as well as mixers such as fresh coconut water and Ting, the sparkling Jamaican grapefruit juice.

Marigot Bay itself is a historic landmark, having been the site of several battles between the French and British navies, meaning a great opportunity to focus on some of the islands favourite rums that honour the naval history of St Lucia. Expressions from the recent released Admiral Rodney range will be available to experience in special guided tutorials that focus on the aromas and flavour perception of each.

With tribute to Meimi Sanchez, Global Brand Ambassador for Havana Club and her sensory masterclass technique, Marigot Bay Bar & Café has ruled out the usual live music element seen in most venues, instead opting for low-level background music from traditional Caribbean radio stations, producing a calmer experience for all customers and releasing optimum emotions when enjoying a tipple of choice.

Dave himself has over a decade of experience within the drinks industry, creating brand agency Drinks Enthusiast in 2011, Manchester Rum Festival in 2017, Bassano Bar @ PizzaExpress in 2017, co-owner of spirits retail business Riddles Emporium in Altrincham and a national social media and publication presence as a drinks journalist.

Opening Hours;
Wednesday-Friday from 5pm to late and from 12noon to late on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Marigot Bay Bar & Café, 6 King’s Court, Railway Street, Altrincham, WA14 2RD


Love Boxed Up: Newby Teas Offers The Perfect Scented And Delicious Valentine’s Gifts Online


Newby Teas presents two luxury options for adding romance and a touch of health to your Valentine’s Day this year, both available in Harrods and online at Newby’s e-boutique for busy lovers. The From the Heart selection is an assortment of four fine teas, making a beautiful gift for loved ones.  Alternatively, Newby’s iconic Majestic Himalaya Gourmet Collection caddy is perfect for your significant other with its subtly erotic luxury caddy in rich, sumptuous gold and magenta.

From the Heart is a Valentine collection of four teas perfect for any romantic mood:

  1. Reminisce on summer love with the bright, intricate tisane Strawberry & Mango.
  2. Dreaming of a lover’s adventure trip to an African safari? The Rooibos Orange is native to the heart of South Africa’s mountainous Cederberg region. The rooibos combines with citrus orange to sublime effect.
  3. To feel like royalty, indulge in the Jasmine Princess green tea for a smooth, delicate green tea imbued with pure jasmine blossom.
  4. Finally, the taste of spring lingers in the Hunan Green sachets of renowned green tea from China’s Hunan Province, the spiralled spring leaves create a subtle fragrance and sweet, gentle aftertaste.

Gwenaelle Hustwit, general manager, marketing at Newby Teas said:

“There’s nothing like a gift of indulgent luxury and opulence. The English are fond of saying tea is love in a cup.  Make it the best tea available in the Western world and what could feel more romantic?”

Passionately magenta pink, the Majestic Himalaya quilted tea caddy contains mountain-grown smooth and silken black tea from Nepal. The Majestic Himalaya is accented with muscatel scent and its taste is as memorable as its provenance.

Founder of Newby Teas, Nirmal Sethia, said:

“One of the things that our teas are most known for is their aroma, due to our unique packaging process.  I believe that scent and romance are inextricably linked. That is why I devised the unique Majestic Himalaya tea.”

The Newby Teas of Love

  • Majestic Himalaya 50g (loose black tea) – £30.00
  • From The Heart Silken Pyramids Gift Box– four teas, 20 sachets – £20.00

 Both available at Harrods and online at

Lu Lin Tea’s Tasting Notes

Lu LIn

I’ve recently created a couple of cocktails that have been using tea as part of its ingredients, and around this time, Lu Lin Tea grabbed a hold of me with the chance to sample their range. Always one to try something different, I decided to try each tea out and have a play around to see if any were versatile enough to co-host within a cocktail.

But before the experiment, a brief look into who Lu Lin Tea’s are –

Founder Alexandra Verhoosel has been buying and sourcing teas in China for many years. It started out of interest but soon lead to the formation of her company Tea & Things in Belgium. Together with her son, Hans Verhoosel, they have been specialising in directly importing a small range of teas carefully selected from small local farmers based on ethical, environmental and quality standards, with the local help of tea aficionado Wang Jiannong.

Hans together with his partner, Amy Gallagher, were running a speciality Belgian café called La Place Verte in York, UK since 2006 until 2012, and soon began to buy these specially sourced teas in their coffee-house, having already been disappointed with the range of loose leaf tea available in the UK. The teas became so popular that they soon added them into their shop, which was formally selling just Belgian chocolates. It was from here that the brand Lu Lin was born. Lu Lin means Green Forest in Chinese, not only reflecting a clear link with La Place Verte (the Green Place), but also emphasising the natural and healthy aspects of the products.

I’ve been lucky enough to try two of their cubed tea bag offerings, and a twist on the classic loose leaf Earl Grey, so below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Lu LinLu Lin Posh Earl Grey

A mix of bright blue corn flowers and orange flowers. Served black, a fresh citrus nose with soft honey and orange rind coming through near the end. A subtle freshness on the palate with the citrus less dominant, but enough to linger and create a dry finish.

Lu Lin Ginseng Oolong

Made by rolling Oolong leaves into tight balls and coating them in a thin layer of ginseng and liquorice grass. An instant hit of ginseng followed by a soft liquorice, light bark and damp wood chip aromas. Rather strong on the palate with a developing flavour of sweetness and ginseng. A fresh and really long finish.

Lu Lin Lapsang Souchong

The whole leaves for this tea are dried above fires of pine needles. A strong, bold aroma with plenty of dry smoke and wood fire. Remembrance of Victorian museums. Strong also on the palate with the smoke lingering and creates a short, slight dry finish.

The Posh Earl Grey would go great within a Whisky Sour, playing on the fruit flavours within Buffalo Trace and the honey and citrus notes within the Posh Earl Grey. Blackwood’s 2008 gin infused with Ginseng Oolong alongside 1724 tonic would work fantastic as a refreshing drink, with the citrus and liquorice notes blending well together. The Lapsang Souchong however would be great with Bunnahabhain 12yr within an Old Fashioned. Using Lapsang Souchong steeped tea as the water base would really bring out the gentle smoke that they both produce alongside forest floor aromas.

Great to pick up and try for yourself, and hopefully seen in many a bar and cafe in the near future too.

Check out the rest of the photos taken via my Facebook page.

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