The King of Soho Is In The Pink With New Gin launch

The King of Soho is adding a new addition to its colourful line-up with the introduction of the King of Soho Variorum Gin, a berry edition of the original London Dry. The King of Soho Variorum Gin adds a hint of pink and notes of strawberry to complement the essential juniper and citrus flavours ofContinue reading “The King of Soho Is In The Pink With New Gin launch”

King Of Soho Tasting Notes

Everyone loves a good story behind a spirit brand. Whether its gone through hard times, travelled the world with its production, or simply named after a man who was coined as ‘The King of Soho’. ‘The King of Soho’ I hear you cry? Yup, Paul Raymond himself has a gin that tips the hat atContinue reading “King Of Soho Tasting Notes”