Cupids Arrow (AKA. Be My Valentine)

The start of the new collaboration with The Spirit Cellar Online showcases one for those Valentine’s Day cupids in the world who may have left it a little late. Enjoy! Cupids Arrow (AKA. Be My Valentine) Glass –  Champagne Flute Ingredients – 35ml Martin Miller’s Gin 15ml Creme de Bergamote 2 Dashes Adams Aphrodite BittersContinue reading “Cupids Arrow (AKA. Be My Valentine)”

Valentine’s Cupid Kiss

A delicious Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe, perfect for wine or cocktail lovers – Cupid’s Kiss Glass – Martini Ingredients – 5ml Gallo White Zinfandel 30ml gin 12.5ml fresh lemon juice 30ml fresh pressed apple juice 15ml simple syrup 5 red grapes Method – Shake and pour over crushed ice. Garnish with grapes.

Caorunn Wee Pink Rose

A new twist on the wine cocktail, this drink is perfect for Valentine’s Day – Wee Pink Rose Glass –  Champagne Flute Ingredients –  35ml Caorunn Gin 1/2 Egg white 2 Strawberries 10ml Gomme 15ml Rose gomme 15ml Lemon juice 25ml Sauvignon Blanc Garnish – Strawberry segment on rim of glass Method – Muddle strawberriesContinue reading “Caorunn Wee Pink Rose”

Leave An Impression This Ballantine’s Day

Don’t follow the crowd this Valentine’s Day, break the mould and celebrate Ballantine’s Day instead! Express your true feelings with the Ballantine’s Day Love Stories app, where you can relive your first encounter and share your own Love Story with that special someone. The new app, available online and on mobiles and tablets, allowsContinue reading “Leave An Impression This Ballantine’s Day”

Sipsmith Valentines

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to impress someone special on Valentines Day, why not try out the Sipsmith Dainty Damsel cocktail? It couldn’t be easier to make and looks great! A delightful way to kick off a special evening. The damson vodka adds a lovely rich plummy undernote to offset the acidityContinue reading “Sipsmith Valentines”