Broker’s Tasting Notes


A gin, specially blended to be dry with an image driven to literally tip the hat to the gin craze of England. Broker’s does just that, the brain child of Martin and Andy Dawson. Broker’s has also won more top awards in international competitions over the last ten years than any other gin. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, lets scale back and see how it comes to such a high regard.

Launched in 1998, Martin and Andy Dawson utilised the services of Langley Distillery, Birmingham and their copper pot still ‘Constance’, itself manufactured by John Dore & Co, long recognised as the finest still-maker in the world. They set the task of re-creating a recipe (chosen after taste testing against several new recipes) that is said to be over 200 years old. Pure grain spirit made from English wheat is distilled four times before the addition of ten botanicals.

Juniper berries from Macedonia, coriander seed from Bulgaria, orris root and liquorice from Italy, nutmeg from India, cassia bark from Indonesia, cinnamon from the Seychelles, orange peel and lemon peel from Spain and angelica root from Poland make up the 24 hour steeping, before being distilled for a fifth and final time. 

So, how does this traditional London Dry fare? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Broker’s – 40%

Clean on the nose with a light, fragrant citrus aroma followed by hints of spice. Smooth juniper flavours blended with strong orange are evident on the palate. Very dry finish as the spice lingers.

Hits the spot for its traditionalism, but what if it were mixed into a classic cocktail?



Glass – 


Ingredients –

60 ml Broker’s Gin
15 ml lemon juice
15 ml Maraschino Liqueur
1 tsp Crème de Violette

Method –

Shake with ice and strain into chilled Martini glass. No garnish.

A great addition, as well as a brand to add to your own drinks cabinet. Even the little bowler hat that adorns every Broker’s bottle can win you over (a theme for the brand that would be recognised for its Englishness – such a gentleman that adorns the label would typically have been a stockbroker in the City of London, hence the name). Both Andy and Martin are active in their promotion, attending many events in their signature bowler hats and as mentioned, winning many awards with their efforts. In 2013, Broker’s was Kosher approved by the Kashrut Division-London Beth Din (KLDB), making it accessible to an even wider audience. What more could you ask for from a gin?!

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