Siete Leguas

Since I started Drinks Enthusiast, my love of tequila has grown. Being able to try many a different brand and different styles, I’ve come to appreciate them more as I look into their history and methods. One brand in particular though I’ve been chasing for a while. For over a year I’ve been told byContinue reading “Siete Leguas”

Sette Vie Tasting Notes

There’s a new range of liqueurs that have hit the UK shores in the past year in the form of traditional Italian family recipes. Covering your familiar styles including limoncello and maraschino, Sette Vie also has Amaro (a herbal digestif) and Ratafia (fruit liqueur) as well as a range of Sambuca’s. The history of the familyContinue reading “Sette Vie Tasting Notes”

Excellia Tasting Notes

One category that I’ve been enjoying a lot of lately is tequila. I’ve been surrounded by many brands lately and I’ve never once complained. Excellia is one of them. Excellia is the result of a partnership between two men – Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, founder of EWG Spirits & Wine, ground-breaking brand creator and producer (G’Vine gin and Esprit deContinue reading “Excellia Tasting Notes”

Boutique Tasting at 24 Bar & Grill

A special treat for all you fans of something unique, special and intriguing – a Boutique tasting involving three brands that are making waves in the drinks industry. Come down to 24 Bar & Grill, boutique in its own right, and experience the French grape style gin of G’Vine and there two expressions of Flouraison and Nouaison as wellContinue reading “Boutique Tasting at 24 Bar & Grill”

Atlantico Rum Tasting Notes

Lately I’ve been fortunate enough to try out a relatively unheard of rum brand in the UK. Hailing from the Dominican Republic and endorsed by such stars as Enrique Inglesias and backing its own charity, Atlantico is sure to create some waves in the rum world. But what makes Atlantico different from every other brand? Atlantico is a blend ofContinue reading “Atlantico Rum Tasting Notes”

Esprit de June Liqueur Tasting Notes

I’ve been lucky enough recently to try out some of the portfolio of Boutique Brands, which includes G’Vine gin, Atlantico rum and Roberto Cavalli vodka. But the most unusual spirit they offer is something named Esprit de June, a liqueur created in France and can consider itself the only liqueur produced with the vine-flowers of Ugni Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon andContinue reading “Esprit de June Liqueur Tasting Notes”