Wood’s 100 Old Navy

Over the past month, I’ve been working with Wood’s 100 Old Navy Rum, judging their national cocktail competition in association with the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild. It sees bartenders attempt to create a recipe that would promote the use of this export strength rum; a challenge that Is easier said than done. At the timeContinue reading “Wood’s 100 Old Navy”

Skipper Tasting Notes

There is a rum in the world that is shouting about itself. Skipper proudly states on every bottle, and icon in its own right as it’s the same label as when it first came out in 1930, that it is ‘The Best In This Rum World’. A bold statement perhaps, especially with many more rumsContinue reading “Skipper Tasting Notes”

El Dorado

I had one of those days where you have a genuine excitement to what was ahead. A schedule of ‘El Dorado Masterclass’ is always a highlight in any bartenders calendar, as was seen when over 30 rum enthusiasts from all over Manchester ascended once upon Kosmonaut, one of Manchester’s bars on Tariff Street. With Stef Holt heading upContinue reading “El Dorado”

Ron Barceló Imperial & XM Royal Rum Tasting Notes

I swung by Corks Out in Timperley today to have a chat with their new General Manager Karim about all things wine and spirits. After pondering whether Chase should have kept their Marmalade vodka packaging clear or in their current orange bottle, Karim moved our attention to some open bottles of rum that he had availableContinue reading “Ron Barceló Imperial & XM Royal Rum Tasting Notes”