Hunters Tasting Notes

As some of you know, I’m a sucker for local produce. But one spirit that came on board at a recent venture of mine is a premium Cheshire gin named Hunters. Two men are behind the brand – Ian Cass who is a veteran of the on-trade and Jon Jones who is well-known in theContinue reading “Hunters Tasting Notes”

From William of Orange to William Chase – enter Williams Great British Extra Dry Gin

Once known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’, gin has becomes the must have for the sophisticated ‘Drink Less, Drink Better’ generation. Brought to the UK by William of Orange in 1689, by the middle of the 18th century, gin was blamed for leaving many of London’s poorest citizens in a state of catatonic inebriation. The ‘Gin craze’Continue reading “From William of Orange to William Chase – enter Williams Great British Extra Dry Gin”

Vertigo Restaurant and Bar Review

Vertigo call themselves a ‘fine dining experience’, but with a lunch tine offer of two courses for £10, I opted to give them a go and see the hype that surrounds this 5 floor venue. Located between Albert’s Square and Deansgate, the former Japanese restaurant of Ithaca has been going strong for a couple of yearsContinue reading “Vertigo Restaurant and Bar Review”


Hayman’s. A name etched into the history of gin, but perhaps not your normal ‘go-to’ gin brand when hunting on the shelves of your local supermarket. Hayman’s is seen more as the silent assassin. They don’t shout, but ask any bartender and they will love at least one of the expressions that Hayman’s create, and beContinue reading “Hayman’s”