Kick Start Summer With Reyka Vodka Summer Solstice Cocktails


The summer solstice is a national holiday in Iceland. In ‘the land of the midnight sun’, locals make the most of the 24 hours of continuous sunshine by packing in as many dinners, parties and festivals as possible.

Reyka, Iceland’s first vodka, is celebrating the holiday in the UK with summer solstice kits which have been placed in top bars to encourage bartenders to create innovative cocktails for the longest day of the year.

60 kits will be made available nationwide. The rugged packing crate contains information on the summer solstice and Iceland, sun jars, a terrarium, Reyka Icelandic bitters and a flavour mapping cocktail guide.

UK Reyka Brand Ambassador, Joe Petch will be visiting accounts using the Reyka summer solstice kits looking for creativity and inventive serves, and the top six bartenders will win a trip to Iceland to visit the home of Reyka vodka.
Alongside the on-trade kits, Reyka has created a series of solstice cocktails to encourage celebration of this year’s summer solstice in true Icelandic style. Eight Reyka cocktails have been developed, each with an inventive twist, taking inspiration from Iceland’s 24 hours of sunshine over the summer solstice.

Senior Brand Manager for Reyka vodka at First Drinks, James O’Connor commented: “Summer solstice is a major event in Iceland and a real source of creativity and inventiveness for islanders. We want to bring this spirit and energy to the UK with Reyka, and share it with UK bartenders.
“Vodka is still the most popular spirit in the on-trade and we’re seeing top bartenders getting more and more creative with it. We’re excited to see the kinds of serves the kits inspire and look forward to sharing the Icelandic experience with the six winning bartenders.”
Celebrated on Saturday 21st June this year, the summer solstice is a significant event in the Icelandic calendar. The day is marked with 24 hours of celebrations, festivals and activities.

Taboo Tasting Notes


Now this is a brand that you probably see in many a bar or club. Taboo has been a mainstay in the ready-to-drink sector ever since it launched in 1988. Aimed towards woman between 18 and 24 years, Taboo is a combination of vodka, white wine and tropical fruit juices, which as you can imagine produces a variety of tropical heavy cocktails.

But before we get onto how to mix, how does the original Taboo fair? Well below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Taboo Peach and Tropical Juices – 14.9%

Soft peach on the nose before being dominated by tropical aromas of strawberry and honey. On the palate, lots of fresh berry flavours mixing well with citrus. A little sweet at the end.

I can see why this was popular back in the 80’s, and its resurgence in the past year or so, and with it coming under the category of a liqueur (meaning the measure of 50ml if served neat or over ice), it can be great marketing for the clubs and young adult bars. Especially if they have cocktails like these –


Glass – 


Ingredients –

25ml cherry brandy
25ml Taboo
15ml port
25ml grenadine syrup
75ml pineapple juice

Method –

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake well. Pour into a large cocktail glass and garnish with fresh fruit.


Glass –


Ingredients –

25ml Taboo
25ml Bols Blue Curacao
50ml orange juice
dash lemonade

Method – 

Mix Taboo, blue curacao and orange juice in an ice filled glass and top with lemonade.

Simple, easy, tropical. Not everything has to be complicated in the world of drinks, and can be a good introduction for young adults to the rigours of the more palate challenging spirits!

Purchase a bottle here, as well as the two other flavours Pineapple and Mixed Berry and Fruit.

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A Festive Full Moon Cocktail to Celebrate the Party Season

Celebrate the festive season and the full moon on 28 December with a Ginger Fizz Full Moon Cocktail created by Zubrowka’s brand ambassador and cocktail connoisseur, Pawel Rolka.

Legend has it that the bison grass that gives Zubrowka its distinctive herbaceous flavour grows surprisingly well under a full moon. It is not known what causes this enchanting natural wonder, but the rare bison grass, which only grows in the remote Bialowieza Forest in north-east Poland, becomes remarkably fragrant and releases a unique almond-like vanilla aroma during this mysterious lunar phase.


The full moon is expected to occur when the moon is exactly opposite the sun at around 10am (GMT) on 28 December. To celebrate the full moon during this festive season, Pawel Rolka has created the Ginger Fizz Full Moon Cocktail.


Commenting on his Ginger Fizz, Pawel Rolka said: “This month is all about looking forward to Christmas and celebrating the festive season. The Ginger Fizz Full Moon cocktail is the ideal drink for the party season, with the ginger and chilli syrup providing an extra kick to get celebrations going.”


The Zubrowka Ginger Fizz cocktail will be shared on Zubrowka’s Facebook page at and Twitter feed @Zubrowkauk


Bartenders and budding cocktail creators everywhere will be invited to submit their own Full Moon Cocktail creations.


This Zubrowka Full Moon Cocktail is the seventh in a series – a delightful new cocktail combination will be created each month on the date of the full moon.


Zubrowka Ginger Fizz
Zubrowka Ginger Fizz

Zubrowka Ginger Fizz


30ml Zubrowka
20ml Peach Puree
15ml Ginger & Chilli syrup
60ml Prosecco


Physalisand Bison Grass

Mixing instructions

Combine all ingredients and serve in a champagne flute