Kick Start Summer With Reyka Vodka Summer Solstice Cocktails

The summer solstice is a national holiday in Iceland. In ‘the land of the midnight sun’, locals make the most of the 24 hours of continuous sunshine by packing in as many dinners, parties and festivals as possible. Reyka, Iceland’s first vodka, is celebrating the holiday in the UK with summer solstice kits which haveContinue reading “Kick Start Summer With Reyka Vodka Summer Solstice Cocktails”

Taboo Tasting Notes

Now this is a brand that you probably see in many a bar or club. Taboo has been a mainstay in the ready-to-drink sector ever since it launched in 1988. Aimed towards woman between 18 and 24 years, Taboo is a combination of vodka, white wine and tropical fruit juices, which as you can imagineContinue reading “Taboo Tasting Notes”

A Festive Full Moon Cocktail to Celebrate the Party Season

Celebrate the festive season and the full moon on 28 December with a Ginger Fizz Full Moon Cocktail created by Zubrowka’s brand ambassador and cocktail connoisseur, Pawel Rolka. Legend has it that the bison grass that gives Zubrowka its distinctive herbaceous flavour grows surprisingly well under a full moon. It is not known what causesContinue reading “A Festive Full Moon Cocktail to Celebrate the Party Season”