Hoxton Gin Reimagined With New Stylish Profile

HOXTON GIN_THE0130Spirits innovator Emporia Brands and Hoxton Gin creator Gerry Calabrese are re-imagining the Hoxton scene as they release the new expression of the gin that has been called ‘the most distinctive gin in the world’.

Launching August 2016, the new expression of Hoxton, now offered at 40% abv, enjoyed a sneak preview at this year’s Imbibe Live in London, where the campaign of ‘Hoxton Gin and Ginger’ kick-started.

Pairing the simple serve of Hoxton gin with ginger ale, Gerry Calabrese hopes to interest and engage a new set of gin fans as the iconic name heads out with its stylish new bottle.

The new Hoxton gin will be widely available from on line retailers and specialist independents, with an introductory offer of free delivery and a promotional price of £24.99 for August from The Drink Shop.com. Alongside this, all major wholesalers will be carrying the new expression.

“The new look Hoxton Gin is a new stage for our brand, much like the area of London itself we are always looking to evolve and innovate as often as possible” says Gerry Calabrese.

James Rackham, Chairman of Emporia Brands, mentions that “Hoxton Gin follows its birthplace in Hoxton London, in acquiring sophistication to the famous edgy culture”.

Enjoy a Hoxton Gin and Ginger:

50 ml Hoxton Gin
Chilled Premium Ginger Ale
Fresh Grapefruit

Fill a tall glass with ice, pour the Hoxton gin within and top with ginger beer. Garnish with a zest of fresh grapefruit peel and serve.

For more information on Hoxton and Emporia Brands, please visit http://www.hoxtongin.com

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Swipe Left And Head Down To Electricity Showrooms


It is no surprise that the rise of the dating app is destroying the traditional good old face-to-face date. Online dating sites and apps have been criticised for encouraging a perceived abundance of potential partners as well as damaging long-term relationships; “Apps like Tinder and OkCupid give people the impression that there are thousands or millions of potential mates out there…the whole mating system tends to shift towards short-term dating. Marriages become unstable. Divorces increase,” says David Buss, President of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin . With the huge number of people using dating apps (Tinder has already made more than six billion matches globally ), is technology ruining the romance and mystery of ‘real-life’ dating?

Hoxton’s Electricity Showrooms is taking it back to basics, reigniting London’s dating scene by providing a laid back venue where a façade is not needed. Lighten the mood and ease those first-date nerves by heading over to the historic venue, first opening in 1929, as a showroom to launch the latest electrical goods to local residents. Get inspired by its electric history and celebrate with signature gin and tonics, craft beers and a classic food menu or spend your evening in a cosy and inviting corner of the pub whilst getting to know like-minded people.

If sparks are flying upstairs, continue the night and head on downstairs from the opulent saloon, to the basement where you will enter 5cc’s New York inspired speakeasy cocktail bar. With a dazzling dance floor to show off your razzmatazz and the choice of classic or contemporary cocktails to quench your thirst, you’re sure to guarantee a date.

To book, visit http://www.electricityshowrooms.com/

Hoxton Tasting Notes


Hoxton gin is a brand that has been doing the rounds these past few years and is becoming more and more seen on the back bars of many an establishment. But what makes this different?

Advertising itself as ‘the most distinctive gin in the world’ and appealing to people who ‘want something different’, Hoxton is the brain child of Gerry Calabrese, a la Hoxton Pony bar fame in London.

Hoxton starts itself in alcohol created from French summer wheat and then has its six botanicals, coconut, grapefruit, juniper, iris, tarragon and ginger, macerated within for five days. Once finished, a single distillation takes place in 150 year old copper pot stills before being taken down to its abv of 43% and rested for two months in steel tanks.

If you check out the bottle, you’d see that it definitely has grapefruit and coconut within – two botanicals not usually selected when it comes to creating and producing a gin. Never the less, below, I give to you my tasting notes –

Hoxton – 43%

Fresh grapefruit dominates the nose, with coconut aromas pushing through slowly. Roles are reversed on the palate, with the coconut creating bursts of flavour whilst the grapefruit waits until the long finish. Hints of herb are present too on the lingering aromatic finish.

Hoxton goes very well within one of these too –

Shoreditch Swizzle
Shoreditch Swizzle

Shoreditch Swizzle

Glass – 


Ingredients –

15 ml lime juice
20 ml Honey syrup
30 ml Grapefruit juice
6 Mint leaves
50 ml Hoxton gin
10 ml Velvet Falernum

Method – 

Add all ingredients to the glass with crushed ice and stir vigorously. Top up with crushed ice, mint sprig garnish. Long straw.

Personally I think this is best to go within cocktails, unless you’re adventurous with your sipping gins. Nothing against Hoxton, but I think if you’re a traditionalist, I’d stick with the cocktail side of it all. If you’re like me though, a few cubes of ice with this makes a perfect addition to your drinks cabinet. Also Hoxton is now available to buy in Tesco.

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