Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum Winter Cocktail Collection

Coco Wray A chocolate fusion with spiced bitters, perfect to enjoy at home Ingredients (serves 5x) 125ml Wray & Nephew 50m Wray & Nephew Pimento Dram 10 dashes Chocolate Bitters 250ml Condensed milk 500ml Jamaican Stout 125g Vanilla Ice Cream 5 grates Fresh Nutmeg Method: Combine all ingredients in a pan, put on a low heat, gently stirring tillContinue reading “Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum Winter Cocktail Collection”

Wray and Nephew

If you’re like me, back when you were a teenager you’d be having ‘shots’ of overproof rum on a night out for cheap thrills and many a spill. But growing up, have you ever had it since, or indeed, actually enjoyed it? I have, to the point of I actually enjoy having a tot whenContinue reading “Wray and Nephew”

Admiral Vernon’s Old J Spiced & Tiki Fire Tasting Notes

It’s always good to hear of a new product to hit the market and with a story of one person wanting to make a dream come true. Tom Hurst had a dream to make a sweet and lime spiced rum for a couple of years, but never thought that LWC, an independent drinks wholesaler in the UK, wouldContinue reading “Admiral Vernon’s Old J Spiced & Tiki Fire Tasting Notes”