A Night Of Living Ventures In The Suburbs

Guest writer Keeley Watts experienced once of my spirit evenings a few weeks back. Take a look at what she thought of the expressions I had on offer; Most drink related events in the North West tend to take place in Manchester City Centre. This is great for me as I live there so canContinue reading “A Night Of Living Ventures In The Suburbs”

Spirits and Cocktail Masterclass at The Hale Grill

Guest writer Rowan Molyneux attended one of my spirit based events last week, taking advantage of learning about some of the venues most favourite spirits to offer; On a grey Tuesday afternoon, I hopped on a train heading out of Piccadilly towards a part of Greater Manchester I’d never explored before. Well, technically Greater Manchester,Continue reading “Spirits and Cocktail Masterclass at The Hale Grill”

Admiral Vernon’s Old J Spiced & Tiki Fire Tasting Notes

It’s always good to hear of a new product to hit the market and with a story of one person wanting to make a dream come true. Tom Hurst had a dream to make a sweet and lime spiced rum for a couple of years, but never thought that LWC, an independent drinks wholesaler in the UK, wouldContinue reading “Admiral Vernon’s Old J Spiced & Tiki Fire Tasting Notes”