National Rum Day – Celebrate in style with DIPLOMATICO

As Lord Byron said, “There’ s nought no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.” Take his advice and mix up a cocktail or two this August 16th, in honour of National Rum Day. Try something a little different, like a saintly Coco Loco or a twist on the Old Fashioned,Continue reading “National Rum Day – Celebrate in style with DIPLOMATICO”

We’re Crazy! But We’re Also Crazy About Our Rum

An afternoon with Santa Teresa awaited my guest author last week . .  “After descending the stairs into the darkness of The Liar’s Club, your eyes focus on woven beach matting, colourful posters, bamboo support posts, huge wooden rum barrels, and old, worn brickwork. Reggae tunes are playing, and as we settle down on theContinue reading “We’re Crazy! But We’re Also Crazy About Our Rum”

Ron Santa Teresa Tasting Notes

When you look at a brand, do you look into the history of it? Does it sway you when your thinking of a purchase? Most probably not, and there’s nothing wrong with that to be fair. If you look into some brands, it will give you an idea of what you’re purchasing though. Usually ifContinue reading “Ron Santa Teresa Tasting Notes”

Pampero Tasting Notes

This gem is not as well-known in the UK, but highly rated elsewhere. Pampero is categorised as a premium rum from Venezuela dating back to 1938. Founded by Alejandro Hernandez, Hernandez original recipe introduced a distillation process unique to Venezuela. Hernandez harvested the finest sugar cane only in the incredibly humid dry season, to produce aContinue reading “Pampero Tasting Notes”


There’s brands within a certain category that create a consistent buzz. Brewdog does to ale what Hendrick’s does to gin and Grey Goose to vodka. But to have a portfolio that not only creates a buzz from birth, but also wins time after time is something of an achievement, something that Diplomático have down to a tee. IContinue reading “Diplomático”