National Rum Day – Celebrate in style with DIPLOMATICO

Diplo Blanco Coco No Loco (bottle1)
As Lord Byron said, “There’ s nought no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.” Take his advice and mix up a cocktail or two this August 16th, in honour of National Rum Day. Try something a little different, like a saintly Coco Loco or a twist on the Old Fashioned, or stick to the classics with a zesty Daiquiri or a Dark and Stormy.

With a range of rums to suit every taste and purpose, multi-award winning Diplomatico hails from the foothills of the Venezuelan Andes. Their portfolio of rums is famed for its delectable flavour profile and extensive versatility; it is easy to find the perfect component to stand up in a wide range of cocktails.

Diplomatico Blanco is a hugely flavoursome velvety white rum, extremely complex with beautifully creamy, chocolate profiles. Charcoal-filtered (hence its colour) this is a sensationally smooth and versatile rum that works incredibly well in cocktails as it does sipped on the rocks. Diplomatico Reserva is blended from rums aged up to eight years in ex-bourbon casks, for an eight year old rum this has a great deal of complexity, making it ideal to use both in cocktails and as a sipping rum. With more than 20 awards to its name, Reserva Exclusiva is a seductive dark sipping rum that has rich flavours of fruit cake, rum ‘ n’ raisin ice cream, cinnamon and cocoa on the nose, developing into a fudgy, syrupy gingerbread and orange taste. Described by global rum ambassador, Ian Burrell, as‘ Tiramisu in a glass!’ , it is the jewel in the crown of the Diplomatico collection.

Use these delicious cocktail recipes for inspiration at home:

Diplo Blanco Vanilla Daiquiri (bottle)
Vanilla Daiquiri

Vanilla Daiquiri

Given the nature of the drink, the charcoal filtered Diplomatico Blanco is a natural choice for this twist on a classic Daiquiri.

50ml Diplomatico Blanco
15ml Lime Juice
7.5ml Vanilla Syrup
Add all ingredients into a shaker add ice and shake until the tin is frosted. Double strain into chilled glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Coco no Loco
Simple, refreshing and low-sugar, this is perfect for a summer’s day. This super-easy serve brings out the best in its ingredients.

50ml Diplomatico Blanco
150-200ml Coconut Water

Simply add all ingredients into the glass filled with
ice and serve.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Old Fashioned
Add a ray of Venezuelan sunshine to your old fashioned for National Rum day. Diplomatico’s Reserva Exclusiva brings complex aromas and delicious notes of vanilla, spice and orange zest to the classic.

50ml Diplomatico Reserva Exlclusiva
10ml Pedro Ximenez sweet sherry
3 dashes chocolate bitters

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice, stir for 30 seconds and pour into a chilled glass over ice
Diplo Reserva Pineapple Fizz
Pineapple Fizz

Pineapple Fizz

An unsung classic from the 1930s this cocktail underlines the fresh sweetness of pineapple, perfectly complementing the spicier notes of the Diplomatico Reserva.
50ml Diplomatico Reserva
40ml Pineapple Juice
7.5ml Orgeat Syrup (Almond)
7.5ml Sugar
15ml Orange curaçao

Add all ingredients into a shaker add ice and shake until the tin is frosted. Pour over crushed ice filled rocks glass .

Ron Diplomático Launch New Single Vintage 2000


Diplomático launch its Single Vintage 2000 Rum in the UK this week. The Single Vintage 2000 is a limited edition created by Master Blender Tito Cordero.

The Single Vintage 2000 is the result of a careful selection of reserves, laid down to age at Destilerias Unidas in the year 2000. During that year a number of factors contributed to rare climatic conditions for sugar cane growth. Firstly there were particularly high temperatures during the day and much cooler nights than expected. This was followed by high humidity and lower than average rainfall, after an extremely wet year in 1999. These contrasting weather conditions played an integral part in creating one of the best sugar cane harvests in Venezuelan history.

Tito Cordero comments: “It´s a truly unique limited edition, a vintage that we are really proud of at Ron Diplomático, having let a specific harvest shine naturally and develop its own personality”.

The exceptional quality of the sugar cane honey was achieved by the particular distillation processes used in the production of Diplomático Rum. Ancient copper Pot Stills and a kettle batch system combine to give this single vintage an exceptional character, ageing in the very best bourbon and single malt whisky casks before being rested in the finest Spanish sherry wood.

Diplomático Single Vintage 2000 will be released in October at various European drinks shows, including the Moscow Bar Show and Berlin Bar Convention, as well as private launches in Brussels, Amsterdam and Prague. In the UK the Single Vintage 2000 will launch to the wider drinks industry at Rumfest in London.

The Diplomático Single Vintage 2000 has an RRP of £80 and will be available to trade customers at £57 from the end of October.

Diplomatico Indulgence At London Cocktail Week

Diplomatico Tasting

Diplomatico Rum will be hosting an indulgent evening during London Cocktail Week on Wednesday 9th October at Hotel Chocolat in Covent Garden, London. A mouth-watering masterclass will see four Diplomatico rums paired with the finest handmade chocolate for a delectable tasting experience.

Guests will learn how to taste chocolate and rum before being taken on a sumptuous journey, illustrating why they work together in perfect harmony. The tasting will include Diplomatico Blanco, Anejo, Reserva and Reserva Exclusiva rums which will be carefully matched with exquisite chocolate treats from the renowned chocolatiers at Hotel Chocolat, offering you a range of truly luxurious taste sensations.

There will also be two carefully crafted cocktails, both of which will further illustrate the outstanding relationship between Diplomatico Rum and fine chocolate – one of which will be mixed, pre-chilled and bottled for guests to take home and enjoy, accompanied by chocolate of course!

All guests will receive an exclusive 10% discount on Diplomatico Rum purchased during London Cocktail Week from The Whisky Exchange Pop-Up Shop in the Thomas Neal Centre. There will also be a Twitter competition running only for Diplomatico Indulgence guests which will see the winner receive a customised bottle of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva!

This is a superb two hour masterclass and pairing event, serving up four rums, two cocktails, lots of chocolate and much more, all for only £30.

To buy tickets, please go to:

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva will be available to sample throughout the duration of London Cocktail Week at Hotel Chocolat (7th-13th October).


Diplomatico Tasting

There’s brands within a certain category that create a consistent buzz. Brewdog does to ale what Hendrick’s does to gin and Grey Goose to vodka. But to have a portfolio that not only creates a buzz from birth, but also wins time after time is something of an achievement, something that Diplomático have down to a tee. I say this with enthusiasm and excitement as the hype of this brand was rewarded with what can be described as a sell-out tasting at The Liquorist’s HQ #22Redbank a few months back. Literally packed to the rafter with bartenders coming from all over the North West to try not only the Diplomático portfolio, but to shake hands and listen to the words of the Rum Master Tito Cordero.

So why is Diplomático regarded so highly to have bartenders willingly travel far to hear this story?

Don Juancho Nieto Meléndez had a passion to explore and source flavours for the traditional beverages that were known back in the 18th Century, particularly interested in the artisanal production methods that could produce a huge variety of interesting and unique flavours. He also took notice of a commonly forgotten variable in climate. Understanding variables such as weather, humidity and altitude that can drastically effect the rum-making process, as well as sampling many a flavour liqueur and rum to truly experience what the land offered, he used his knowledge to refine his own product.

In the 18th Century, Jamaica was at the forefront of manufacture, which Don Juancho Nieto Meléndez studied alongside the distillation secrets from the islands of Antilles. With this he came across the sugar mill – a traditional method of crushing sugar cane. This tool became a staple to Nieto Meléndez as he was able to create variations of combinations in the different cane juices available.

With this knowledge and understanding, he was able to create a rum that he thought was the perfect craft. Ron Diplomático was born.

Production of Diplomático started in 1959 and produced in La Miel, Venezuela. Chosen due to its unique climate conditions of being 173 metres above sea level, its fresh nights and high humidity which influences both the sugar cane growth and the rum aging process.

Fermented for 24 hours, and using a total of seven stills (three pot stills and four column stills) with a minimum aging process of 2 years in ex Bourbon American white oak barrels, for 45 years the rum has been perfected for consumption, and the Diplomático range is testament to this.

So how does it all fare? Well below I give to you my tasting notes on each –

Diplomático Blanco – 40%

Six year old white rum. Slightly heavy on the nose with aromas of soft fruit and coconut cream. Soft chocolate notes on the palate, slightly sharpened mid-way but mellows quickly into a long offering. Leaves a slight burn but again mellows.

Diplomático Añejo – 40%

A mix of continuous still and pot still rums aged for an average of four years. A fruity nose with a sweet aroma dominating, but a slight light wood scent. Very soft on the palate with flavours of tropical fruits creating a warmth during its long experience.

Diplomático Reserva – 40%

A higher proportion of pot still rums aged for an average of eight years. Sweet and rather thick on the nose with notes of vanilla, wood and dry fruit balancing well. Again very soft on the palate with a mouth-watering sweetness of chocolate and spice structuring well.

Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva – 40%

Blend of copper pot still rums aged for twelve years. An orange zest on the nose with bold, dark sugar aromas dominating soon after. A long offering of toffee and tropical fruits blend to create a silky texture that’s soft and easy-going. Sweet.

Diplomático Single Vintage 2000
Diplomático Single Vintage 2000

Diplomático Single Vintage 2000 – 43%

After a fantastic sugarcane harvest in the year 2000 in Venezuela, this particular batch was aged in the best single malt and bourbon casks the distillers could find for 12 years and finished in Spanish Sherry casks.
Thick vanilla notes on the nose, with sherry and sugar balancing nicely. Soft and sweet upon the palate, with the sherry oak coming through to create a slightly dry, yet long finish.

Diplomático Ambassador Selection – 47%

Finished in Pedro Ximénez barrels. Bold, deep dry fruit aromas on the nose with notes of vanilla and slightly smoked wood. Dark chocolate flavours on the palate creates an incredibly smooth texture that includes coffee and traces of port. Very long.

A fantastic range and experience, one that can be shared on its own or in a sophisticated mix –

Savoy Daisy
Savoy Daisy

Savoy Daisy

Glass –

Gimlet / Coupette

Ingredients –

15 ml Ruby Port
10 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
2 bar spoons Diplomático Reserva
3 bar spoons Muscovado sugar
1/4 Fresh lemon juice
3 dashes Grenadine

Method –

Shake well and strain through a sieve into a chilled cocktail coupette. Decorate with an orange twist.

Elegant and luxurious – both the drink and the rum. Diplomático have also won recognition – 56 overall and counting. These include such titles as Ministry of Rum’s ‘Best Premium Gold Rum 2011’ and Spirits Business Rum Masters Competition ‘Master Medal 2009’ for the Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, Silver at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007 and Gold at the 2007 International Rum Festival again in 2007 for Diplomático Reserva, San Francisco World Spirits Double Gold Medal in 2007 and 2011 for the Diplomático Añejo and Gold Medal at the 2009 Ministry of Rum and 2009 Monde Selection Bruxelles for ‘Grand Gold Quality Award’ for the latest addition of Diplomático Blanco.

Not bad for a family of rum. A family of rum that you really need to experience.

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