National Rum Day With Zacapa

Zacapa - The Rooster

The Rooster – Oblix at The Shard


50 ml Zacapa XO
40 ml Spiced Orchid Vermouth
15 ml Banana Liqueur
1 Spray Coconut Perfume

Inspiration: The Rooster is the embodiment of the vibrant culture of the streets of Ron Zacapa’s homeland, Guatemala and is the inspiration behind this cocktail. The team behind the bar at Oblix created this exclusive new serve; combining the rich and smooth flavours of Ron Zacapa’s most premium XO variation, aged 2,300m above sea level in the ‘House Above The Clouds’, with native banana, coconut and spiced orchid flavours; to evoke the vivacity, produce and people of the local streets, where the Rooster’s courage and bravado shines.
The Rooster cocktail is priced at £24.50 and is now available at Oblix.

Zacapa - Le Vieux Connaught

Le Vieux Connaught – The Connaught Bar

Inspiration: Newly launching at London institution The Connaught Bar, renowned for its ultra-stylist décor and mouth-watering cocktails, the Ron Zacapa 23-based Vieux Connaught was inspired by the classic cocktail created in 1938 by Walter Bergeron at the Carousel bar in the Monteleone hotel, named after New Orleans’ French quarter: ‘Vieux carrè’. Providing an interactive and aromatic serve for guests, the drink is served bottled on a beautiful mirrored tray and smoked with saffron, with its smoky and spicy flavours evolving with time. Served on the rocks and garnished with orange peel to perfectly compliment Zacapa’s rich tones, saffron smoke finishes the drink with a layer of elegrant fragrance, evoking the essence of the exquisite spirit.
The Vieux Connaught cocktail is priced at £17 and is now available at The Connaught Bar.

Zacapa - The Radical Notion

The Radical Notion – Artesian


30 ml Zacapa Reserva Limitada
50 ml Americano Cocchi
5 ml Suze
1 dash Grapefruit bitters
1 dash Peychauds bitters
10 ml Minus 8 verjus

Inspiration: Conceived by multi-award winning Alex Kratena, Head Bartender at Artesian at The Langham, voted The World’s Best Bar three years in a row, the new Radical Notion cocktail features the very special Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2014, the second in a series of vintage limited editions to be released with a blend of exquisite hand-selected rums aged between six and 24 years. The incredibly smooth and rich mahogany blend combines perfectly with Americano Cocchi, Suze, and bitters, and is finished with zesty grapefruit in a martini glass to enhance the flavours of more than 20 herbs that infuse the rum.
The Radical Notion cocktail is priced at £17 and is now available at Artesian Bar.
Zacapa - Pacaya

Pacaya – American Bar at The Savoy

Inspiration: Inspired by the fertile land of Ron Zacapa’s homeland, the new Pacaya serve at The Savoy’s world-famous American Bar is named after Guatamala’s active complex volcano. The serve features a complex blend of smooth Ron Zacapa 23, Lagavulin 16yo, silky Crème de Cacao, Port and Botrytis sweet wine, reminiscent of the powerful volcano. The flavourful and intricate drink is insfused over Binchintan charcoal, an ancient Japanese method used to purify water, and is served on hand carved ice in glassware specially adorned to represent the iconic Guatemalan landmark.
The Pacaya cocktail is priced at £25 and is now available at the American Bar at The Savoy.

Need Some More Inspiration For Christmas? Take A Look At These Festive Recipes!

The Zacanta
The Zacanta

The “Zacanta”, from James Fowler, UK World Class Winner 2014, served at The Larder House Bournemouth

Ingredients – 

2 bar spoons of Christmas mincemeat
15ml Spiced pineapple puree
50ml Ron Zacapa 23
10ml Kamm & Sons
10ml Lime juice

Method – 

Pop all in a shaker and shake with good ice, then strain into goblet filled with fresh ice. Garnish with “Hot date foam” – a hot foam flavoured with dates (recipe below). Garnish finally with shards of orange zest.

Date Foam –

10 dates
Boiling hot water 150 ml
Heat the above until dates become very soft and form purée
2 bar spoons pro espuma hot (thickening stabiliser agent)

Put into espuma gun
Keep hot until use (water bath)
All the dates, none of the hassle

Ron de Replay
Ron de Replay

The ‘Ron de Replay’ Zacapa 23 cocktail at iconic London venue BOUNCE

This winter, ultra-premium rum brand Ron Zacapa has partnered one of London’s most iconic and talked about venues, Bounce to launch the game stopping new – Ron de Replay

Sip on this perfect serve as you practice your table tennis serve in Europe’s first premium ‘Social Ping Pong Club’. Taste the rich and smooth flavours of Ron Zacapa 23, aged 2,300m above sea level in the ‘House Above the Clouds’ in Guatemala, perfectly combined with orange liqueurs and chocolate bitters in this new signature cocktail. And in a final touch befitting a creation from these two aspirational brands, the drink is crowned with a bespoke luxury Rococo chocolate ping pong ball, especially created for Bounce.

“It was interesting for me to create a drink that complements the garnish, usually it is the other way around. The orange and chocolate flavours in the drink are designed to enhance the flavours of the chocolate ping pong ball, and are best enjoyed together.” Jacek Czekaj, bartender, Bounce


40ml Ron Zacapa 23
20ml Aperol
15ml Grand Marnier
15ml Liqueur 43
2 dashes Mozart Chocolate Bitters


Luxury Rococo chocolate ball
Orange rind


Stir ingredients over a cocktail jar to blend and achieve perfect density, before pouring into a rocks glass over cubed ice. Garnish with orange rind pinched to release the oils, and finish with the luxury Rococo chocolate ball. Enjoy, order another, and repeat!

Or how about some of these simple Christmas creations?

Christmas Cooler
Christmas Cooler



• 60 ml Ron Zacapa Rum
• 8 tablespoons of watermelon
• 2 dash angostura bitters
• 15 ml Mint Syrup
• 5x mint leaf


• Muddle the watermelon in a cocktail shaker
• Shake all the ingredients together
• Double strain into a chilled Martini glass
• Garnish: mint leaf

Midnight Kiss
Midnight Kiss



• 30 ml Ketel One
• 20 ml fresh lemon juice
• 25 ml basil-strawberry syrup
• Champagne
• 1 kg crystal sugar
• 50 gm of fine chopped basil
• 10 large mashed strawberries
• Mint


• Boil 1 litre of water with the crystal sugar, add chopped basil and mashed strawberries
• Cool down for 24 hours in your refrigerator
• Shake the ketel one, syrup, lemon juice and 1 barspoon chartreuse vert with ice for about 15 seconds
• Pour in Collins glass with ice cubes and top with champagne and crushed ice
• Add mint covered in powdered sugar and some rose water bitters to top off
• Garnish: mint sprig covered with powdered sugar and a strawberry

Frosted Berry
Frosted Berry



• 60 ml Don Julio blanco
• 20 ml fresh lime juice
• 15 ml Agave water
• 5 fresh blackberries
• 2 grinds of black pepper
• Agave and black pepper rim


• Muddle blackberries, add the rest of the ingredients,
• shake hard and double strain into a rimmed rock glass over ice
• The black pepper and agave nectar lifts up the natural character of blanco tequila (Don Julio), balanced with fresh lime and some fresh blackberries for some extra depth and a fruity feel

Festive Rum Butter Punch
Festive Rum Butter Punch


Ingredients (Per serve)

• 50 ml Ron Zacapa
• Small fingernail of butter
• Pinch of any spice including cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, cardamom
• 10 ml honey or Agave nectar
• 30 ml hot water


• Add all ingredients to a Punch bowl, stir and serve

Fever-Tree’s Hot Ginger Punch


Fever-Tree’s Hot Ginger Punch
Fever-Tree’s Hot Ginger Punch

– 150 ml Havana 7 Year Old (or suitable alternative)
– 600 ml Fever-Tree Ginger Beer
– 200 ml Fever-Tree Ginger Ale
– 15-20 cloves
– 6-10 Star Anise
– 1 vanilla pod
– Orange peel.


Gently heat the rum, ginger beer and ginger ale in a suitable pot for 5-10mins. Do not bring to the boil. Meanwhile, slice vanilla pod from top to bottom and add to the pot along with the rest of the spices and stir. Keep pot on a low heat.
Add a few twists of orange peel and gently stir to taste. Heat for further 5 minutes gently ensuring liquid does not come to boil.
Ladle punch into a small glass tankard along with spices and peel.

Maybe a tasty recipe for rum and food?

Edible Stories Zacapa Reserva Christmas Beef

Step one

Ask your butcher for a three inch cut short rib cut, also know as the Jacobs ladder.
Make up your Zacapa Reserva marinade, for 1 kilo of meat mix 300 ml of the rum with 200 ml of water and a table spoon of salt and teaspoon of cinnamon. Take your whole piece of beef and place in a deep tray with the marinade ensuring the fat side of the meat is face down in the marinade. Cover with cling film to make air tight to keep the aromas in and leave in a fridge for 48 hours.

Step two

After the marinade has soaked in to the meat, drain the left over marinade into a deep baking tray add 700mls of red wine, four bay leaves, 500gms of sliced carrots and 500gms of slice white onions. Then place the beef bone side up to ensure the meat is in you rich revamped marinade. Cover with foil (double layered) again ensuring it is air tight. Place in an oven at 130 degrees and leave for 7 hours to braise slowly.

Step three

After the braising carefully take the foil off and drain the juices passing your well cooked vegetables through a sieve giving you your rich Zacapa reserva sauce. Cut your beef into the desired portions which should be so succulent and tender the bones should be falling off the meat which for presentation can be used as a base for your meat on.

Winter Warmer Cocktails By Alexander & James

To ward off frosty winter nights, Alexander & James (A&J), the luxury online shopping platform for drinks connoisseurs and gift buyers brings you four classic winter cocktails to warm the heart and make the festive season merry.

A&J’s best mixologists recommend creating these fragrant winter warmers with the world’s finest spirits. The combination of luxury spirits, heavy creams and seasonal spices such as cinnamon, orange and nutmeg makes these four hearty beverages great companions for a cosy winter’s fire.



Eggnog is the ultimate festive cocktail. First invented in the 17th century this creamy ‘egg in a cup’ is today back in vogue and coming to a Christmas party near you.

Ingredients –

12 eggs, separated
1.5 L milk
500 ml thickened cream
1.5 cups sugar
700 ml bottle Zacapa 23
2 tsp ground nutmeg

Hot Tanqueray Cider

Hot Tanqueray Cider
Hot Tanqueray Cider

An evolution of the original Hot Toddy, the Hot Tanqueray takes a traditional luxury gin and gives its distinctly seasonal twist.

Ingredients – 

35 ml Tanqueray London Dry
15 ml fresh lemon juice
15 ml simple syrup
3 dashes bitters
3 dashes hot apple cider

Grand Spice Coffee

This classic combination of strong coffee with orange notes of Grand Marnier is heightened by the sweet taste of cinnamon and topped off with a decadent layer of cream.

Ingredients –

Grand Spice Coffee
Grand Spice Coffee

22.5 ml Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge
1 espresso
Whipped cream
Cinnamon powder
Ginger powder