Tio Pepe Challenge 2018: Best Year Ever

The annual cocktail competition, the “Tío Pepe Challenge” organised by leading Spanish producer González Byass, is celebrating its best edition to date with international reach growing by 40% in terms of entries and global coverage. The 2018 Tío Pepe Challenge has expanded once again this year with master classes and regional heats being held inContinue reading “Tio Pepe Challenge 2018: Best Year Ever”

Nomad Outland

The whisky world is diverse, with many ways of producing the wide range of flavour profiles we seek and enjoy. It’s fitting then that the Spanish Sherry producers Gonzalez Byass, specifically Master Distiller Antonio Flores, have partnered with Master Distiller Richard Paterson to offer a different kind of blended whisky to the market. Essentially, 26 maltsContinue reading “Nomad Outland”

The London No. 1 Tasting Notes

Coloured gin could be seen as a marketing gimmick. But have you ever just dismissed it, not really giving it a second glance and presuming it’s going to be cheap and tacky? What ever your answer, let me introduce you to The London No. 1. 12 different botanicals are within The London No. 1, including juniper fromContinue reading “The London No. 1 Tasting Notes”