The 86 Company

Bartenders. The lifeline of any country when the serving of drinks is concerned. The connection between bottle and customer. The guys and girls every brand needs to get on their side to really make a splash in the bar world. Welcome then to The 86 Company. The 86 Company was formed back in September 2012,Continue reading “The 86 Company”

Cremorne 1859

Co-founders of the UK based CASK Liquid Marketing Richard Herbert and Stuart Ekins launched their own spirits brand back in 2012. Their first release under the Cremorne 1859 banner was a London Dry gin named Colonel Fox, complete with a fox adorned label created and drawn by artist Charlotte Cory. Charlotte used the year ofContinue reading “Cremorne 1859”

The London No. 1 Tasting Notes

Coloured gin could be seen as a marketing gimmick. But have you ever just dismissed it, not really giving it a second glance and presuming it’s going to be cheap and tacky? What ever your answer, let me introduce you to The London No. 1. 12 different botanicals are within The London No. 1, including juniper fromContinue reading “The London No. 1 Tasting Notes”

Pinkster Tasting Notes

There’s a new gin on the market, showcasing itself with its creator Colonel Pinkster aka Stephen Marsh in North Hertfordshire. A big gin drinker himself, and seeing the resurgence that gin has been having these past few years, he decided to create his own, using the rather lesser know botanical of raspberries. For two years,Continue reading “Pinkster Tasting Notes”

SW4 Tasting Notes

The name behind a gin can sometimes define the brand. There’s brands that name themselves after a specific process, others after their originator, some to a loose connection, and in the case of this one – after the postcode that it originates from. Originator Martin Price mentions on his website his inspiration and influence behindContinue reading “SW4 Tasting Notes”

Portobello Road 171 Tasting Notes

There’s many a new gin that made an appearance last year, but one I’m yet to feature is Portobello Road 171. Created by the gin bar Portobello Star in London, namely Jake F Burger, Gerard Feltham and Paul Andrew Lane, and distilled by 8th generation London Distiller Charles Maxwell, Portobello Road 171 is a traditionallyContinue reading “Portobello Road 171 Tasting Notes”